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View information on more than 1,470 innovative programs improving the health of the world's poor.

The CHMI database contains profiles on over 1470 programs and policies implemented by governments, nongovernmental organizations, social enterprises, or private companies to improve privately delivered healthcare.  These health market innovations work in low and middle income countries, serve low income communities, and work with private providers to deliver health services, finance care, and regulate health program performance.

Use the database to browse for health innovations by country, health focus, reported results, or CHMI Plus status. Add your organization's profile to the CHMI database, and share updates on results and achievements in scale to increase your visibility.

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Use CHMI’s data and analysis to understand how global health innovations achieve scale

We study innovations across global health markets to highlight promising approaches that can be scaled‐up or adapted in other countries. CHMI’s programs database is used to understand trends in global health in priority health areas. Our analysis and research products synthesize common practices and share findings on emerging developments in innovation. Use the Topics Pages to learn about innovations happening around the world, and easily browse news and resources from these programs.  Download CHMI's "Database at a Glance" and briefings to learn about common practices and "what works."

Download the CHMI data set to analyze health innovations categorized by health focus, technology employed, population served, and many more factors. More than 200 published research reports and case studies have used data from CHMI to capture and understand information on heathcare delivery innovation around the world. Share your research on CHMI to receive visibility, and reach the audiences most interested in healthcare innovation.

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Connect to others funding, implementing, and studying innovative programs, and learn how to scale and adapt new practices to new places to serve more people

Use CHMI to contact health innovators and connect to in-country partners and funders working to expand access to affordable care. Through in-person meetings and online communities of practice, innovators in the CHMI network work together to learn, test, and adapt innovative models in health.

CHMI’s portfolio of learning activities gives program managers the space to collaborate. Using the Adaptation Framework, programs have the opportunity to adapt active ingredients from successful models to their own context. Read more about the toolkits and handbooks that CHMI and a wide network of innovators have developed to share lessons learned with all those working to improve healthcare for the poor.

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Innovations Around the World

The CHMI database provides information on over 1,400 innovative health enterprises, nonprofits, public‐private partnerships, and policies in low and middle income countries that are making quality healthcare affordable and accessible to the world’s poor

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CHMI Plus Gold Programs

Tulivu Imaging

Tulivu Imaging is a medical diagnostics service provider initially focusing on affordable ultrasound in Kenya. Our mobile teams bring medical devices and expertise to medical facilities in need, so that they can give their customers the care they deserve.

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SafeBoda was launched in 2014 with the aim to reduce BodaBoda (motorcycle) accidents in Kampala, Uganda. SafeBoda trains and teaches drivers to safely navigate streets, requires the use of helmets for passengers and drivers, and use mobile technology to connect drivers with customers.

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Project Muso

The Muso Project in Mali aims to reduce maternal and child mortality rates through preventative and proactive healthcare. Employing community-health workers, establishing home-based care, and setting up rapid-access clinics are three ways in which the Muso Project seeks to accomplish its goals.

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