Our Network

The Center for Health Market Innovations is coordinated by the Results for Development Institute (R4D) and relies on a broad network of in-country institutions and other partners to collect and disseminate information, conduct analytical work, and form and maintain relationships and networks. CHMI is also supported by our Network of Advisors.

Results for Development Institute (R4D) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to unlock solutions to tough development challenges that prevent people in low- and middle-income countries from realizing their full potential. R4D supports the discovery and implementation of new ideas for reducing poverty and improving lives around the world. For R4D's Institutional Policies, please click here

Regional Partners

Since our launch in 2010, CHMI has worked with partner organizations in more than 20 countries around the world to identify innovative healthcare programs, study promising practices, and connect innovators to others who can help them scale up, replicate, or improve on their model. In 2013, CHMI began working with new partners in Nigeria, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Kenya, and other countries in East and Southern Africa.

These organizations represent CHMI in their country and region, carrying out a range of activities such as convening innovators with high‐potential business models, brokering relationships between innovators and policymakers to initiate cooperation between the public and private sectors, and building relationships between innovators and donors, investors, and others that can help them grow and scale‐up their activities.

Global collaborators

For profiled programs, CHMI provides special access to competitions, fundraising platforms, and mentorship networks run by our Global Collaborators such as the Skoll Foundation, International Partnership for Healthcare Delivery, and Global Giving. CHMI provides Global Collaborators with a pipeline of excellent candidates for these opportunities. Collaborators often search CHMI’s data set to identify candidates. CHMI also refers select programs based on the amount of information and performance indicators they publicly report.

Expert partners

Expert partners manage collaborative knowledge-sharing communities in which they seek to identify, analyze, and connect high-potential business models or priority health focus areas. Other partners collaborate with CHMI to develop practical, standardized performance indicators. 

Many expert partners use this knowledge to oversee data accuracy for specific topics on the Center for Health Market Innovations. This includes updating contact information, key program components, Reported Results, and supporting documents if available. These organizations "curate" relevant topics of the data set, ensuring that profiles within certain cross sections are current and of high quality.