Reported Results

The CHMI database profiles over 1400 programs from more than 130 countries. While much rich descriptive information has been captured, an important informational gap remains – which programs are actually “working”, or achieving the kind of health and financial protection results that are important to national and global health policymakers, donors, investors, and other program implementers looking to emulate proven models.

To begin to answer this question, CHMI has launched an ongoing effort to collect and report results of innovative healthcare models based on available evidence. The ultimate goal of the system is to enable greater transparency and standardization of how programs’ performance is tracked and shared with the global health community.

What are Reported Results?

Reported results are measures of program performance across ten key categories in three domains:

Health Access: 

Affordability: Quantitative information about the price of services and/or product in comparison to the average cost of accessing similar services in the local context or as a proportion of income. 

Availability: Quantitative evidence on the ability of patients to access health products/ services as a result of the program, including both physical access and service availability.

Pro-Poor Targeting: The proportion of a program’s clients who are poor or disadvantaged, including the criteria used to determine who is “poor”. Statements should include whether the program is targeting a predominantly poor area or the most disadvantaged group within a population.


Clinical Quality: Quantitative evidence of providing safe, evidence-based care to the patient that adheres to context-appropriate guidelines/standards. Clinical quality may be demonstrated by changes over time or as compared to providers of similar services.

Efficiency: Evidence of a change in operational processes leading to higher/lower cost-effectiveness, the operational cost or time to provide a product or service compared to its quality.

Financial Sustainability: Quantitative evidence of ability to cover costs in the long-term, including a diversity of donor base or other secure revenue streams

User Satisfaction: Quantitative evidence of service quality as perceived by the patient, including the methodology used to collect this information.

Health Status: 

Health Output: Quantitative information about the number of health services/products provided and/or clients served/trained in a given time period.

Population Coverage: Volume of clients served as a percentage of a defined target population and/or changes in the utilization of a key health intervention at the population level per reporting period. Statements should not be measurements of scale such as number of people served or services provided.

Health Outcome: Quantitative evidence of intermediate or long-term health outcome as demonstrated by changes in the health status of target population in a given time period. This includes modeled estimates of impact such as Couple Years Protection (CYPs) and Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALYs).

CHMI collects Reported Results through a standardized template. All results statements are self-reported. Where available, Reported Results generated by third-party evaluations are included. Statements may be edited for consistency and layout restrictions.

Why should I submit my program results?

  • Be visible to the global health world. Results are prominently displayed on your profile and make your program stand out. Users can search specifically for programs with results. They also contribute to your CHMI Plus status.
  • Gain distinction. Programs reporting results will be visible on CHMI’s homepage, which receives about 24,000 hits per month, featured on the CHMI Blog and highlighted at key global health events.
  • Funders care about results. Donors and investors look to fund programs that measure and report their results. Your program is likely to get more attention from funders if your program profile includes Reported Results.
  • Access benefits for our gold-level programs. Programs that participate in Reported Results will receive more points as part of the CHMI Plus scoring system, giving them access to targeted opportunities ranging from web visibility to in-depth learning and funding opportunities.

How do I submit results?

Do you have updated or new results to share? Visit your program’s profile and click the Edit tab followed by the Results tab, add your new results and click submit! Programs that participate in Reported Results will receive more points as part of the CHMI Plus scoring system. 

Questions or comments? Contact Jeffrey Arias at