CHMI Webinar: How far can collaborations in primary care go?

Over the course of one year, leaders from primary health care organizations from three countries in Asia and Africa collaborated and learned from one another through the Primary Care Learning Collaborative, facilitated by R4D and the Center for Health Market Innovations. These leaders identified key challenges -- which many healthcare organizations face -- linked to scale, sustainability, and providing quality care. 

The culmination of this one year learning collaborative has been the publication of the Primary Care Innovator's Handbook, launched in February 2015. Told in the voices of primary care leaders themselves, this handbook addresses key challenges linked to setting up clinics, providing high quality care, and building effective systems. Join representatives from R4D and primary care leaders from Ross Clinics and Penda Health in the upcoming webinar discussing insights from the Primary Care Innovator's Handbook.

Join this webinar on April 15, 19:00 UTC/GMT+8 (7pm Manila time) on "Innovation in Primary Care: Insights from the Primary Care Innovator's Handbook" and learn how collaborations are working towards the challenges of scale, sustainability and providing high quality care.

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This webinar is open to 100 slots.

About the AeHIN Webinar

AeHIN Hour is Asia eHealth Information Network's online learning and sharing sessions participated by member countries. It allows members to share and explore ways on how eHealth, HIS, and CRVS implementations could be improved in the region. 

Quite an informal session, a speaker lead on discussing a topic requested by members. Participants, from time to time, ask questions to the speaker. Session runs in Cisco Webex Meeting Center.

Local AeHIN Hour for countries are also being organized to address specific topic requests from countries.