CHMI's Top Blogs of 2015

The Center for Health Market Innovations welcomed over 200,000 visitors in 2015 from over 200 countries. Our global audience relies on CHMI’s database of over 1,450 programs to find information on health innovation around the world. We saw a number of new interventions emerge in 2015, and read evidence of success from existing programs as they continued to improve and expand their services. As we continue to share news of health innovations through our blog, we look back at the most popular posts of the past year.

10. Good Doctor “Assay” – Ross Clinics and CMC Evaluations

Devashish Saini describes the preeminent distance learning program for family medicine in India. Dr. Saini discusses his work as a family doctor, and his approach to patient-centered care.

9. Diffusing Innovation through Peer Learning Models

Over the past three years CHMI has grown its Learning and Adaptation activities to support a wide array of the network’s innovators. Here, learn how the Primary Care Collaborative and the Learning Exchange were started, and why.

8. Strengthening Routine Immunization – Kano State CHMI Learning Exchange

Three states in Nigeria met to establish knowledge sharing and collaboration for better implementation of immunization. The meeting was led by the Kano State government, and sponsored by a Learning Exchange grant.

7. The 5 C’s of Innovative Ecosystems

Featured on Devex, this article by CHMI’s founder Gina Lagomarsino explores what we’ve learned in the past five years of working with innovators and country-level partners to facilitate systems-level change.

6. ICT Innovations in Kenya – Q&A with Elizabeth Mwashuma

In our interview with Africa Capacity Alliance’s Elizabeth Mwashuma, we explore the growth of technology-enabled health programs in Kenya. These innovations are often identified by county governments as potential solutions to solve gaps in county-level healthcare.

5. Boot Camp brings Innovators Together to Learn and Pitch in Nigeria

With support from CHMI, Nigeria regional partner Solina Health helped organize ad facilitate the Healthcare Innovation Challenge business development boot camp. This challenge allowed innovators to pitch ideas to national investors, and brought program managers together to share best practices and learn more about the health market. Photo right: participants of the Health Innovation Challenge.

4. Introducing Learn and Launch -  a new learning initiative for CHMI Programs

The announcement of CHMI’s latest learning initiative in 2015 attracted a new round of interested innovators and partners. Learn more about the current members of the Learn and Launch cohort.

3. Highlights 2014 – over 70 innovations improving health for the worlds’ poor

The annual publication from CHMI captures the year’s analysis of health markets and trends in innovation. Stay tuned for the next edition, coming soon.

2. Primary Care Innovators Handbook – Voices from Leaders in the field

The culminating report from the Primary Care Learning Collaborative, this handbook offers practical knowledge for all those working to improve primary care for the world’s poor. Five organizations worked together to find best practices and offer solutions to common challenges in primary healthcare delivery in low and middle-income countries.

1. Developing Countries Lead the Way in Mobile Health Technologies

Appearing first on, this article investigates the trend in innovative mHealth technology. As CHMI has been tracking these trends for over five years, our research and program contacts were relied upon for the foundation of this and many other publications.

What’s new for 2016:

The redesigned CHMI website includes direct links to CHMI’s main activities from the home page, gives greater detail on our Learning and Adaptation activities, and also features programs with a “Gold” CHMI Plus status. Learn more here about how your program can achieve a Gold status by sharing updated program information, and be featured on the main page.

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