Data on a Dime: Designing an Effective Monitoring & Evaluation Strategy on a Budget

By Jacquie Cutts and Stephanie Hackett

For many CHMI programs, Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) is a high priority for achieving operational success. M&E provides managers with better means for learning from past experiences, improving health service delivery, planning and allocating resources, and demonstrating results. Within the development community, there is often a very strong focus on results—yet there is also concern that effective M&E processes are expensive and resource-heavy. Although a good practice to follow, many small organizations find it difficult to raise and allocate funds for M&E when there are often demands for direct programmatic support and resources in the communities they serve. But does it have to be this way? Not according to Safe Mothers, Safe Babies

SAFE, a maternal, newborn, and child health (MNCH) program operating in rural Uganda, thinks otherwise. Through their participatory and community-based program, SAFE is able to provide a range of services to ensure that no woman or child dies during childbirth by addressing the Three Delays. Read more about how SAFE tackles the Three Delays to prevent maternal and newborn death. Creating an M&E system to both quantify impact and guide strategy has been key for SAFE’s growth.

As a part of the peer-learning Primary Care Adaptation Partnership (PCAP), SAFE shared their low-cost M&E strategies with their Adaptation Partner, Healthy Entrepreneurs. SAFE offered technical and programmatic support to the Healthy Entrepreneurs’ team, in order to put these affordable strategies into action.

In this blog, SAFE’s CEO, Jacquie Cutts and Vice-President, Stephanie Hackett discuss how SAFE has refined a host of M&E techniques in order to better quantify the impact they are having on MNCH without breaking the bank. 

CHMI: How did you design SAFE's Monitoring & Evaluation strategy and what are its core components?

SAFE: At the crux of SAFE's approach to M&E is the high value we place on evidence-based interventions. As public health practitioners, it is essential that we monitor our programs to ensure that they are working, and then develop strategic ways to fix errors [in these programs] to expand on what works. Fundamentally, we value understanding where we are succeeding and where we are failing because that is how we can have the greatest impact on the mothers, children, and families we care very deeply about. With that in mind—but also recognizing that we are a small organization with very limited resources—our M&E strategy consists of conducting robust mixed- methods evaluations in inexpensive ways. This requires a lot of creativity, as well as dedicated professionals who are adept in a range of evaluation techniques, including quantitative and qualitative strategies.

CHMI: Why do you think M&E is considered to be so expensive?

SAFE: In the current public health landscape, M&E is often expensive. The people who developed the methods and often employ them have large (at least large from our perspective) grants from big funders, and they can afford the best. They have also often used paper-based tools that require tremendous amounts of printing (which is very expensive); rely on external parties that can be exploitative in billing for certain tasks; hire very experienced enumerators that often come with the price tag commensurate with that experience, etc. This is not to speak ill of their work at all— we are truly grateful to have benefited so much from the data they acquire. But in prectice, some of those approaches don’t work for us.

SAFE's strategy towards M&E was developed out of necessity. We believe that M&E is not only a moral imperative, but that it needs to be practical and achievable for ALL ranges of projects, including small organizations likes ours. Simply put, when you don't have as many resources, you learn how to get creative in order to keep as much robustness as possible while also cutting costs wherever you can.

CHMI: How did you design your M&E budget (any examples you looked to)?

SAFE: Truthfully, when we first designed an M&E budget, we didn't really know much about what other people paid, and honestly that was probably a good thing since most M&E projects had a lot more capital to work with than we did. We just looked at the overall categories of other budget templates (translation, staffing, training, survey materials/technology, logistics and census mapping) and adapted them to our context, budget, and available resources.

Also, if you need help implementing cost effective M&E solutions, don’t be afraid to find a really dedicated MPH (or other professional) student. We work with highly qualified and well-trained students in a lot of our work; it saves us a lot of money, gives them really good experience, and gets us much better data in the end.

CHMI: What did you find to be the highest cost components/items when you were planning your M&E strategy? How did you approach making trade-offs to keep it affordable?

SAFE: We had to make a few compromises [to balance costs]. For example:

  • Labor was a compromise. We had to hire moderately-skilled workers that could be trained without having to meet the high salaries most NGOs pay.
  • We found it best to use tablets instead of paper (you won't have to print, buy ink and paper or do data entry afterwards, thus eliminating a lot of costs). We set up a server to host data through Google AppSpot. We also currently use a free, open-source software, called Open Data Kit, to develop the electronic surveys in Excel. For all of our data collection and storing results, we paid $1.00 total (not including the tablets), and the $1 only accounts for times when our submissions exceeded the allotted free pings/second, which was rare.

Mapping or conducting a census of the communities where you work can also be expensive, but they can also make sure that your results are meaningful.If you want to do it, there are ways to cut costs. Shape files are accessible online that other people have generated for most countries. These can be imported into "MyMaps" on Google Maps, which can be used to look at the satellite imagery to trace on your roads [or local landmarks]. We would be happy to connect further on this.

CHMI: What are three tips you would give programs that would like to conduct an evaluation? 

SAFE: I would say the following three things:

  • Do it! There are ways to make [M&E processes] work effectively for your budget, and being able to demonstrate that you are successful [through M&E] is really important, both ethically and for future funding. Conversely, if you learn that what you're doing isn't working, you should be open to addressing those challenges.
  • Don't be afraid of potentially "undesirable" results. Everyone fails at some point. The important thing is to learn from past mistakes.
  • Communicate your results. If you can't afford to publish your results in an expensive journal, then publish them in an inexpensive one or publish them on your blog and tag related partners. Go to conferences, present your results and be willing to talk not just about the good stuff, but also the not so good stuff. The only way that we can make a real difference for real people is if we know what works, and what doesn't. 


CHMI: What tips do you wish you had received?

SAFE: Overall, to: (1) Over-budget what you think you need; (2) Use mixed methods for capturing data (qualitative and quantitative); and (3) Ask for help from people in a similar position to you, who understand your type of constraints (like SAFE). Also—network, network, network! And collaborate.

For the practical and day-to-day:

  • If you’re planning to use tablets, buy more tablets than you think you need—you WILL lose one, have it stolen, drop it in mud, etc. Expect it, plan for it, have a contingency plan.
  • Hire 1 or 2 more interviewers than you need; people will fall sick, quit, etc.
  • Don't underestimate translation. It takes forever, it’s expensive, and it’s a very subtle, important science.
  • Training should never be shorter than a week, and you should always have at least 2 days of testing the instrument AFTER that week of classroom training.


For more information about SAFE’s Monitoring & Evaluation strategy, please feel free to email them directly at or visit their blog

Top photo: SAFE trained enumerators share in their excitement as they explore the tablets they will be using for data collection for the first time. 

All photos  c/o SAFE



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At the crux of SAFE's approach to M&E is the high value we place on evidence-based interventions. As public health practitioners, it is essential that we monitor our programs to ensure that they are working, and then develop strategic ways to fix errors [in these programs] to expand on what works.

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Ladies bags are one of the most important equipment women of all ages utilise all all over the world. If you are planning to business office, higher education or to go out with friends, you have to select the right form of bag which fits effectively together with your model, dress along with celebration. Let people have a peek at variations of ladies bags:.Hobo HandbagsHobo bags can be a popular various bags utilized by a massive most females. They are cres designed bags together with very long connectors that you can suspend around your shoulders. As is also really huge in space, they are able to provide a good number of points within. Hobo handbags manufactured from natural leather are developing big popularity amongst the younger generation right now. These kind of bags tend to be classy, yet high-priced. Bridal flowers styles in these types of bags are usually in vogue.Tote HandbagsThis is a classy and trendy variety of handbags made use of by women. These are generally substantial in proportions and may accommodate a lot of weighty items inside, including make-up objects, guides and so on. They are often made from different materials, which includes fabric, natural leather and abs.ClutchesFamous between superstars along with bridesmaid add-ons, these kinds of handbags usually are elongated in proportion with virtually no manages. Nonetheless, a number of them may have elegant restaurants. Artist grip are incredibly common, although expensive. Fortunately they are named nighttime bags, because they are excellent to become maintained in official evening hours parties. SatchelsThese bags have got long band and so are typically put on along the physique in a angled technique. Usually made use of by pupils to transport ebooks along with this sort of things. These are portable, because your palms are free to do the actions. Glowing become transported to a eat outside. Both equally material along with synthetic leather libraries are available for satchels. Satchels tend to be popular amidst correspondents way too.Baguette BagsThese bags are generally modest in proportion, and function a new pocket book, much like a clutch i465. It may have a very strap to help in having. They're little, rectangle and thin along with look like a loaf of bread.Duffel BagsThese bags tend to be big in proportions and have absolutely significant spaces. They can be ideal if you have to carry garments or some other items along with you for a voyage or even a little trip. Provided by wheels far too, duffel bags are really simple to have.Field BagsThese gals bags are very well-known from the battlefields. These types of bags can be produced of fabric or leather, and can be utilised by women with tomboyish character. Messenger BagsThese bags were being usually utilised by postmen. This line chuck is looped within your chest area to ensure that it does not drop, even if you are using or even race. They can be medium to be able to large in dimensions, and are also typically made from strong material. Hermes belts These types of gals bags are really simple to useand hold. These bags are now not in fashion.In addition for these forms of women bags, there are many some other type of bags which include pockets, Kelly felix bags, gun barrel bags, pail bags, go-karting bag handbags, saddle totes, trapezoids as well as muffs. Choose the one particular as outlined by ones personality, and prepare a style declaration for your self.

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