Five reasons global health innovations should consider nominating their enterprises for IPIHD and SEAD

Here’s what we’ve heard: One of the most challenging aspects of being an entrepreneur is managing time and engagements effectively.  There are an overabundance of resources to tap into, speaking engagements to fulfill, and networks to maintain.  Joining another club is the last thing that many entrepreneurs should do with their costly time. 


However, I’m going to suggest you join another club.  In fact, maybe two.  And there are five reasons you should consider devoting some of your time to both.


As you might know, International Partnership for Innovative Healthcare Delivery (IPIHD) is a diverse and global network comprised of innovative health enterprises, multi-national healthcare companies, foundations, and health systems leaders. 


In our network, one thing is key: we carefully manage the number of active innovators, ensuring only about 50 are active at any time.  This selectivity allows our team and supporters to work closely and strategically with each enterprise who joins our network. Why else should you nominate your organization? There are five compelling reasons to consider.

Reason one:  Connections to strategic partners and funders

It’s no secret that who you know matters.  At IPIHD, we target introductions based on your organization’s specific needs and strategy.   There are two primary ways we do so: 1) Invitations to networking events such as our Annual Forum, with two days of intensive sessions where innovators present their models to a global audience of senior leaders and peers and meet with corporate and foundation supporters; and 2) Targeted connections between innovators and key contacts within our formal network and across our broader set of partners: including funders and investors. (Note: IPIHD does not provide funding.)

Javier Lozano, co-founder and CEO of Clinicas del Azucar, presents his model at the IPIHD forum 

Javier Lozano, co-founder and CEO of Clinicas del Azucar, presents his model at the IPIHD forum

Steven Harvey, Director of Fundraising and Communications  from Riders for Health and an IPIHD supporter talk during networking session

Steven Harvey, Director of Fundraising and Communications  from Riders for Health and an IPIHD supporter talk during a networking session at the IPIHD forum.

Two: Access to business support and learning forums with peers

IPIHD innovators can access a variety of resources designed to support them in their efforts to scale and replicate their models.  This includes staffing support, where innovators can tap into executive on loan programs or apply for graduate student support for both short and long term projects, working groups with peers and corporate supporters focused on network-identified topics, and capacity building support including virtual learning sessions.

 IPIHD student intern Jose Magana with CEO Andres Gutierrez at Medica Santa Carmen. Jose is working with MSC to improve their administrative and financial reporting procedures.

IPIHD student intern Jose Magana with CEO Andres Gutierrez at Medica Santa Carmen. Jose is working with MSC to improve their administrative and financial reporting procedures.

Three: Promotion of innovator work at global events and in the media

As a member of IPIHD, your story is shared through engagement with a global consortium of event and media partners – including CHMI!  In addition, innovators receive marketing support (including a customized in-depth profile showcasing your organization -- see examples here), feedback on your pitch including how to tell their story most effectively to different audiences including investors and funders, inclusion on IPIHD's website, newsletters, and blogs and other media outlets, as well as speaking roles, when possible, for network innovators to major global conferences and events. 

Four: Opportunity to advance global health innovation through research and knowledge development

IPIHD innovators can contribute to the field of health innovation through knowledge development opportunities including IPIHD-authored case studies, white papers, and through focused round-table discussions. IPIHD actively disseminates research findings to key stakeholders, including research reports and case studies, Study tours: Health system and industry leaders gain an inside view of innovative models through IPIHD's regional study tours. Participating innovators host senior health leaders from the US, UK and elsewhere for a dynamic exchange of ideas and models.

IPIHD Study Tour participants at IPIHD innovator LV Prasad, viewing a clinical demonstration

IPIHD Study Tour participants at IPIHD innovator LV Prasad, viewing a clinical demonstration.

And Five: 

I mentioned a second club earlier.  A small select subset of IPIHD innovators have the opportunity to apply for the Social Enterprise Accelerator at Duke (SEAD), a Duke University-wide program in collaboration with USAID, to further support growth and scaling through a rigorous global health accelerator program with a focus on data and evaluation (for enterprises operating in India or East Africa).


IPIHD is a partner in the USAID-funded SEAD program together with Investors' Circle, the Center for Advancement of Entrepreneurship (CASE) at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business and others.


SEAD brings together interdisciplinary partners through a coordinated effort across Duke and leverages institutional relationships and networks to create an integrated global health social entrepreneurship hub. Read more about the benefits and criteria for joining SEAD here. The timeline for SEAD memberships is the same: all new SEAD innovators will be selected by January 2015.


How do I get involved?

Organizations are selected each January for a three-year commitment at no cost to their organization, and the process is highly competitive.  You and/or innovators can nominate their organizations for consideration by August 15th by filling out the form here:


IPIHD seeks organizations with innovative healthcare offerings and/or business models, that strive to be self-sustaining, are seeking to scale their impact, and want to collaborate with others.  

  1. Nominate an organization or ask the organization to self-nominate (preferred) on our short form by August 15th:
  2. We will send an application to organizations who meet our criteria by October 1st.
  3. All eligible candidates are reviewed, including an intake call and 3rd party references; eight organizations will be selected on or after January 1, 2015.


Having been part of IPIHD since inception about three years ago, I’ve had a birds-eye view of some of the most exciting approaches to health care delivery and services in the world.  I’m extremely lucky to not only have worked closely with the entrepreneurs driving these innovations but appreciate how our team and larger network have grown together in tackling challenges to growth and scaling of impact.


Join us today, or share this opportunity with an innovative health enterprise before August 15th.  Read more about our work with innovators in past annual reports here, then nominate to join our “club” and we will be in touch. 

Top Photo: Taken by IPIHD student intern Cristina Arellano. Each week, (IPIHD Innovator) SughaVazhvu’s clinic staff take their services to remote villages that have virtually no access to healthcare services. The staff sets up a “camp” clinic at a local meeting area, typically a school or public building, and publicizes their services to the local peoples. For a fee of 100 – 150 rupees, patients receive a check-up, symptom treatment, basic diagnosis or referral.    Christina is working with SughaVazhvu on the launch of their new healthcare worker training program.