How can client wealth profile data add value to health program interventions?

A conversation on promoting equity in service-use.

On Tuesday, June 16 at 8:30am Eastern Daylight Time, the USCF Global Health Group, HANSHEP and the Center for Health Market Innovations will be hosting the first in a series of webinars on topics that can support private sector healthcare interventions and programs, including social franchises, better measure, evaluate, and improve performance.

This first webinar will focus on the practical ways in which client wealth profile data can be used to inform program management and strategy decisions. Program managers or advisers with practical perspectives on the uses of equity data will present case studies of ‘equity data in action’. The case studies will be followed by a brief period for questions and answers. 

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About the case studies:

  • The African Health Markets for Equity (AHME) partnership strives to improve access to high-quality private healthcare to the poor in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria through coordinated supply, demand and policy interventions.  Matt Boxshall, Director of the AHME partnership, will present results from the equity measurement, and reflect on how it has been used to inform critical management and strategic decisions.
  • Heartfile Health Financing is an IT-supported, automated health financing instrument that can be accessed by health care workers in Pakistan to seek urgent financial support for patients that run the risk of spending, catastrophically. This program is in pilot phase. Dr Anis Kazi, Senior Manager, Policy Advocacy and Research at Heartfile, will present on the NGO’s work to link equity measurement to more efficient and transparent means of transferring cash subsidies to the poor.
  • Marie Stopes Madagascar conducted a pro-poor voucher initiative to increase uptake of family planning services through social franchise clinics. James Wumenu, Research Officer at Marie Stopes International, will discuss the method used to target services toward the poor, the success of this initiative, and lessons learned