Introducing Learn and Launch: A Learning Initiative for CHMI Programs

CHMI is thrilled to announce Learn and Launch –a new peer-learning initiative to address practical challenges that prevent programs from growing and reaching more people with quality care. CHMI will work with selected programs to facilitate knowledge-sharing, joint problem-solving, and collaborative development of new approaches to address select operational challenges our program managers face.

What is Learn and Launch?

Learn and Launch is a new initiative for you and other leading health programs to brainstorm, share and test practices that will help you tackle a specific operational roadblock impeding your growth and scale. This is an opportunity to learn and try new solutions quickly – all within a supportive network of peer organizations, regional partners, and the broader CHMI community.

CHMI will support targeted peer-learning collaboratives by facilitating in person events, site visits (which will be funded by CHMI), and small awards for pilot testing new activities (approx. $5,000 per organization, depending on your learning needs). You will bring your ideas, your insights, and your willingness to test new strategies and share with other innovators.

How can this initiative help us respond to challenges?

By participating in Learn and Launch, you’ll have the opportunity to build new relationships with peers and mentors who can help you along your journey to scale. Potential benefits include:

Practical peer learning: Through an open exchange, you will have the opportunity to share the challenges you face, what you’ve tried before, and the lessons you have learned along the way. With a supportive peer-network, you have the ability to co-create new solutions and jointly implement solutions to your own programs.

Resources to quickly test new ideas: Small grants are available to dedicate towards implementing solutions you develop during the exchange. These small grants provide a way to launch solutions quickly and test ideas developed with peers.

Expanding your network of like-minded innovators: It’s no secret that who you know matters just as much as what you know. Meet programs from different regions, with similar goals, and a willingness to share experiences and strategies they’ve used to address roadblocks.

Visibility in the broader health innovations community:  Your work and contributions within the collectives could be featured through CHMI’s communications channels including: our web platform (visible to more than 20,000 visitors each month), blogs, newsletters, social media networks, photography, and more. Your experiences may also be highlighted as case studies for promising private sector innovations in future CHMI publications.

How do I apply?

  • Applicants must be profiled on the CHMI website, with a complete and up-to-date profile at the time of submission. Note: Profiles that are considered up-to-date will feature a Gold badge in accordance with the CHMI Plus system.
  • Programs within CHMI’s scope engage the private health sector (either non-profit or for-profit), work in a low- and middle-income country (as determined by the World Bank classification), and serve the poor.
  • Applicants should submit a complete application by October 3, 2015:
  • All selected organizations must be willing to attend an in-person kick off meeting (November 2015), commit to jointly testing solutions to overcome the roadblock from November 2015 through February 2016, and share detailed feedback about their experience during and after the conclusion of the learning activity for the benefit of the CHMI network. Note: applicants may be invited to participate in the development of a knowledge product based on their experiences.


CHMI Learn and Launch Application

L&L Frequently Asked Questions