Learn and Launch: What did we learn and where do we go from here?

By: Rachel Neill and Cynthia Charchi

From 2015-2016, CHMI, in partnership with ACCESS Health International and the Africa Capacity Alliance, developed and managed Learn and Launch, a learning initiative for CHMI programs. This blog summarizes our lessons learned from the program.

The Challenge

Around the world, innovative health care programs are finding new ways to serve the poor—but they often face similar “operational roadblocks” in their path to scale. Overcoming these challenges will require pioneering new approaches, but program managers often lack the time, human resource capacity, and financing to test new solutions.

The Solution

CHMI believes peer learning has the potential to unlock new solutions. A collaborative model gives programs a dedicated and safe space to share challenges, brainstorm solutions, and pilot new ideas. By helping programs across our network solve their operational challenges, CHMI aims to help promote the diffusion of promising practices that improve the way the providers grow and scale.

The Learn and Launch Process

The Learn and Launch learning initiative for CHMI programs kicked off in October 2015 to help address practical challenges that prevent programs from growing and reaching more people with quality care. Through the initiative, regional collaboratives in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa came together to develop and adapt practical solutions to common operational roadblocks. CHMI, ACCESS Health, and ACA supported the programs by facilitating in-person learning events, site visits, and a $5,000 award for each organization to pilot new ideas generated during the peer learning process. Click here for a list of participating programs.

Tackling the Operational Roadblock—Marketing and Demand Creation

The CHMI network prioritized the challenge of marketing and demand creation through the Learn and Launch initiative. Increasing the accessibility and affordability of quality care for the poor does not stop at the supply side. Often, program managers struggle with demand side interventions—how do you get people to utilize affordable, high quality care when it is being offered?

Over the three-day kick off process, all participating organizations shared their challenges relating to marketing and demand creation. Common themes included (1) a lack of trust in new healthcare facilities and a tendency to utilize long-standing but low quality drug shops for care; (2) difficulties balancing donor priorities with a need to become sustainable, which requires greater responsiveness to market needs; (3) difficulties in translating health education and awareness campaigns into increased utilization of health services; and (4) a need to better understand the link between customer satisfaction and increased usage of quality care.

Testing new solutions—What did programs learn?

At the conclusion of the kick-off process, cohorts in Africa [featuring Toto Health (Kenya), Purple Source Healthcare (Nigeria), MOBIcure (Nigeria) and PACE (Uganda)] and South Asia [featuring LifeCircle Senior Services, ayzh, iKure Techsoft, Swasth (India) and doctHERS (Pakistan)] developed individual program work plans to implement a new idea at their organization. Lessons learned from participating programs include:

  • - Use new outreach channels to grow your reach: Inspired by a site visit to Swasth’s  primary health clinic in Mumbai, ayzh initially planned to distribute their clean birth kits to more providers by tapping into primary health care chains. However, they quickly realized that while primary care providers would be a perfect audience for their newly developed Healthy Newborn Kit, their Clean Birth Kit was more appealing to maternity care providers. To reach this priority audience, they created a database of organizations in India focused on training maternal health providers. Ayzh is now working with several training organizations to pilot the use of their Clean Birth Kits.
  • - Maximize the potential of your staff to drive expansion: Receiving health information through mobile technology is still a new concept to most women in Nigeria. In order to encourage women to sign up for the SMS service, MOBIcure utilizes “foot ambassadors”, youth sales agents that explain the service to mothers and encourage signups. Motivated by presentations in human resources and pricing, MOBIcure decided to test a new incentive structure for foot ambassadors in an effort to drive more SMS subscriptions, with great results. Four months after testing the structure, they surpassed their goal of subscribing 4,000 mother by 128 percent.
  • - Reach rural patients through high-touch community engagement strategies: Primary care programs iKure (India) and doctHERS (Pakistan) both work in rural, hard-to-reach areas with patients that require extensive community engagement to improve healthcare utilization. After meeting in the South Asia collaborative, they realized they had much to learn from each other’s complementary strengths. With CHMI’s support through a follow on learning exchange, doctHERS mentored iKure’s staff on their approach to sensitizing new mothers in rural areas, including the use of street plays and customized messaging protocol. iKure has now rolled out a localized voice messaging system in local tribal languages, which provides educational messages and alerts mothers to the service available in their area. In turn, iKure provided doctHERS with training on their customized electronic medical system, WHIMS, which doctHERS is now working to implement in their clinics.


Lessons learned from CHMI

As organizers of Learn and Launch, CHMI has also reflected on what worked well, what didn’t, and how we can do even better in our next learning initiative. We’ve shared some of these reflections below:

  • - Peer learning works best when participants drive the agenda. In Learn and Launch, the in-person meeting was kept relatively unstructured, with each participant presenting their organization’s priorities and challenges in a way they felt comfortable. This built trust and transparency. Organic experience sharing also got the ball rolling as programs identified themes that resonated with their own models, and participants highlighted key contextual differences. For example, in Nigeria, health care workers are not paid regularly, which creates challenges for MOBIcure to engage them in signing up women for their SMS service. In contrast, Toto Health in Kenya works closely with healthcare workers, who receive remuneration, as champions of their SMS service. The two program managers found that this contextual difference had an impact on their marketing strategy—TotoHealth could rely heavily on healthcare workers to promote the product, whereas MOBIcure required a separate marketing budget to support their sales ambassadors.
  • - Identify mentors ready for long term engagement: In the kick off meetings, ACA and ACCESS Health identified valuable mentors to provide feedback, tools, and trainings on marketing and demand creation. These resources helped participants develop work plans and get started, but we quickly realized that follow-on support was needed to support programs in customizing the tools and providing real-time feedback. In the future, CHMI plans to consider the engagement of mentors that can provide customized support throughout the entire initiative.
  • - Learning activities confirm program’s prioritization of learning and partnerships as a “good investment”: All of the participating programs pride themselves on being “learning” organizations and prioritize learning within their staff. Additionally, several of the Learn and Launch participants had previously participated in CHMI’s Learning Exchange initiative and had seen the benefits of peer learning first-hand. But for many, Learn and Launch was their first experience with a formal peer learning initiative. Reflecting on the process, Felix Kimaru, Co-Founder of Toto Health, said, “Learn and Launch is really exciting for us as Toto Health! For a long time, it has been us reviewing our own work. This has been good but it is definitely better when you have an external eye review what you do.” Similarly, when asked about the Learn and Launch workshop, Purple Source Healthcare’s Oludare Bodunrin said that his high point was joining peer program managers in an intimate and interactive discussion, noting it was “Probably the most impactful session that I’ve had in learning. Close, compact, and deep!” After Learn and Launch, five of the nine participating programs participated in a follow on Learning Exchange, sharing the lessons and experiences from Learn and Launch with new programs and partners across Africa and South Asia.


Where we go next

CHMI continues to be excited about the possibility of peer learning to unlock common challenges impeding scale. We see the impact of this work is a crucial piece of Results for Development’s (which manages CHMI) broader portfolio of initiatives that strengthen the development of strong mixed health systems. By supporting the improvement and scale-up of innovative models, CHMI profiled programs can be better positioned to partner with governments the delivery of priority health services.

We are currently planning the launch of new activities, building on the lessons and experiences of program managers in our network. Want to participate? Stay tuned to our blog and newsletter, or contact Rachel Neill at rneill@r4d.org




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Scams abound in the work from home sector. This article tells you what to avoid and what to jump at. There are legitimate companies out there and many people enjoy the benefits mystery shopping brings. Shopping

Shopping being an essential one for everyone can be fun and straightforward for some, while some would contemplate it a chore and irritating. Online shopping is the perfect solution for the home bound and for those who find shopping a painful task. Shopping Experience

Crime has an age as old as civilization itself. In this world, it is difficult to get a place where there is no crime. The only difference is the type and the method of crime. Crime

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There are married couples looking for destination tips for their travels. Reading tips from people who have actually been paid to the places they have aptly described in their reviews can make their recommendations a lot more easier to digest and believable. Destination Tips

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Travel planning has been gradually shifting from the domain of experts to the domain of an ever-growing amount of travelers' experiences, and it will continue to grow in that respect in the years into the future. Here are some tips on where you might get good information. Travel Planning

There are maried folks looking for destination tips for their travels. Reading tips from people who have actually been paid to the places they have aptly described in their reviews can make their recommendations a lot more easier to digest and believable. Destination Tips

Travel planning has been gradually shifting from the domain of experts to the domain of an ever-growing amount of travelers' experiences, and it will continue to grow in that respect in the years into the future. Here are some tips on where you might get good information. Travel Planning

Is there anything as stressful as travel planning and wardrobe planning for your travels? Is this for business and pleasure? The reason for the trip will require different planning and different packing skills. Travel Planning

The following are common tactics employed by many car insurance companies to either avoid or minimize their winnings to customers. Suggestions are included on how you can protect yourself to avoid or minimize problems with your automobile insurer. Auto

Customers need to fully explain what they expect in the auto detail when they get done, and ask if the detailers if they will indeed, be taking care of all those items they may have addressed. Car Detailing Customization

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In an effort to meet state standards, schools today have implemented rigorous educational programs that push kids to reach their highest potential. Yet, almost every child struggles at some point with mastering the material covered in the core subjects. academic programs

Sometimes while getting work done in one career for many years you could possibly feel too down and then want to change. Possibly opting for a new career path is not that of a problem, what you will require is confidence and faith in yourself. Career Path

When people ask is further education important, often they've been put off by the high cost of going to college and getting a degree. It's no secret that the cost of getting further education has increased a lot in recent years, so it is no surprise that many students question whether or not they can afford it. Education Important

Mobile Libraries are known as information tank of knowledge that have information resources on an equal basis with books and automated systems. Their involvement in the educational systems has to a large extent changed the flow of information to library users who cannot access the stationary library services either because of time and space difficulties or physical disabilities. Mobile Libraries

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Aby Rosen's RFR Real estate offered any two-story spot retail store residence in 451 Lexington Opportunity at 45th Road with Midtown intended for $28.Seven million. The Connecticut-based shopper referred to as 451 Lexington Real estate entered deal around the invest in. RFR Real estate ordered this Tough luck,585-square-foot house throughout 1992 with an undisclosed sum. The one-story element of the rentals are leased for you to fast food-restaurant Sbarro though some sort of two-story piece is actually booked to McDonalds. You will discover a few different property owners as well.These wrist watches undoubtedly are a perfect in shape for folks who wish to go with their particular conventional attire type with some flamboyance. The us designer watches are meant for all those are looking to create a striking assertion inside dress wear not having planning too far. These models develop the actual timeless official enjoy style and design tips along with atart exercising . present day style directly to them. A majority of these timepieces possess a genuinely official layout on the other hand complete, color and general add-ons ensure that they may be particularly completely different from the others.Do guess what happens will be the distinction the"parfum" , your "eau environnant les parfum" plus the "eau de toilette"? To start with the particular cologne is more expensive. It has 30-40 percentage in the aromatic skin oils and for that reason hold the most robust as well as focused aroma, and due to our prime attentiveness it is ample to use just one or two droplets. The actual odor continues to be on your skin with Hermes belts clearance sale regard to 6-9 hrs. Marketing and advertising to use it seeing that nighttime fragrance.MCR Development possesses purchased the portfolio associated with 12 Marriott and Hilton resorts for $164 mil, marking one of many largest lodge deals in the nation until now in 2010. The gathering connected with largely extended-stay accommodations, contain One,A hundred bedrooms throughout New york city, Nj-new jersey, Connecticut and also Pa. The property owner, creator Briad Class, used into the account longer than it intended. Briad, whom designed the hotels amongst '07 and The year 2010, chose to journey the economic downturn just before unloading the actual components.French fragrances barcode begins with an amount Three or more, Great Britain - 55, Malaysia : 400-440, The world : Eighty-four, Italy ( space ) 80-83, Italy - 30-37, United states of america and Nova scotia * 00-09. Towards the bottom of the program code you will notice the successive variety - your code connected with words and also amounts, that have to always correspond with the code within the bottle of wine.The programmer of the thought out large rock and also aluminum twin condo conversion process within Tribeca is intending turnover your website before the spades have strike the floor. Alvaro Arranz, primary of an main Spanish language structure business, purchased your factory with 401 Buenos aires Street and its bordering vehicle parking garage area with regard to $57 zillion in 2007. Right now, soon after hiring builder Morris Adjmi to create any mirror-image lightweight aluminum type of this warehouse around the car port site, along with receiving all the essential home loan approvals to handle the conversion process strategies, Arranz will be wanting a whole new entrepreneur may pony up $65 thousand to look at more than and handle the job.Now as any fashionista know virtually any style has components to match. A new macho looking watch with a sporty side will probably end your lifestyle absolutely. It can be utilized along with denims, beachwear on the retreat on a sunny day or to the organization place of work.Every view is made to reflect the essential soul involving Versace. Versace's use of important and chic gems into their watches and accessories are substantial regarding Versace fashion. This watch styles may also be characterised by simply thoroughly clean collections in addition to standard designs and colours for instance Ancient greek frets as well as the Medusa. During these wrist watches, classical appearance meets the quality of the current day earth, setting up a expressly modern-day and desirable style.

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Practically every girl dreams to have customized handbags! Their particular high quality is extremely good as well as the layout usually is greatest current fashions and also modern. These are not genuinely typical cheap people which have bombarded industry all-around. These are typically very real along with practical and give appropriate profit to your dollars. While accented together with top quality artist costume simply by any women, it gives you a sort of feelings you are receiving something genuinely exclusive in addition to distinctive and extremely substantially distinct from your friends. You high fashion type becomes the coveted by with the close friends!Why Brandnames have become common when compared with usual sorts? Truth is uncomplicated. Each of the earth's top rated vogue brands get gained their particular brand names extra time as a result of genuine work, dedication to business and purchaser's Completely satisfaction. They will strict to be able to best quality handle, make use of the best ailment connected with fine art technology and then try to build the exclusive and exceptional patterns whenever to satisfy the actual ever-changing fashion wishes in this modern world. They have got most means; very best models along with accomplished graphic designers who are very innovative and they are continuously your forerunner.These folks focus on the very best styles, no matter whether striking, showy, trendy or maybe superior in addition to antiques plus they existing by far the most focus on depth while producing these kinds of models a reality. The actual custom brand names would be the viewpoints in addition to voice it out many: Dior, Vogue, Prada, Remodel, Jeff Honda, Dolce & Cabana,, YSL, Burberry, Cavalla as well as. These are the basic makes complete thing . to have and place upon.All the actual mags enhance in just about every completely new matter the modern trends that are going with in the marketplace along with let consumers in addition to visitors determine what is definitely latest along with desirable. Search through almost all as well as reveal what is finest and get the main one that you similar to.Why save money at the stores open to obtain genuine types coming from low-priced discounted costs? Many trusted http://www.hermesbeltsbirkinkellybag.co.uk/ online stores today produce an considerable products of fine custom made manufacturers at noticeably discounted prices. Regardless of whether you want high fashion and even movie star styles or maybe the nice, you are going to surely discover your own ideal artist handbags.Designer handbag, bags usually are major extras for ladies of distinct age groups. This collection you can get throughout handbags is actually titanic. Verify not at household the particular hugely different brand names associated with bags and look for which actions along with brand name are not similar. If the mercantile says the particular handbags take straight into staying in the retailer usually are brand name people. Never ever consider within your special terms. Become important if it come to importance a well used handbag.Do you actually perform acquainted conditions about options for organization traditional handbags? Otherwise, subsequently provide delight to be able to to buy sufficient acquaintance on traditional handbags. Basic handbags usually are handbags that are of most appropriate excellent, in addition to model design countenance. These types of trait artist bags tend to be good-looking bags as compared to every other handbags are in the market industry. Inside incorporating jointly, these bags are generally attractive to the eye and trendy.For class on the bags that happen to be attribute within their types, a person require to learn a couple of functions. These trendy handbags will almost always be light-weight and also all-inclusive. Light weight determined by the handbag is often a necessity. It's crystal clear that girls are unable to bring weighty equipment and so, his or her handbags need to be transportable. This might enjoyably take handbags. Among the products that your female needs to keep in mind as soon as the lady acquisitions an artist handbag and conventional model.

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Concerning Harajuku: Harajuku StyleHarajuku means a invest Harajuku train station, China. Today, the term "Harajuku style" has been used simply by media including English-language press to explain young adults donning any fashion fashion that are in the area of Harajuku, whatsoever, kawaii, Himegyaru, Cosplay or even Old Lolita.Harajuku style is often a trends similar to Cartoons high fashion or even in essence the unreasonable and also colourful. You'll see many alternative Harajuku designs like Cosplay, Aesthetic kei, Old, Kawaii, Himegyaru and much more.Harajuku fashion differs lifestyle with Tokyo, japan, beyond the distinctive teenage outfit, Harajuku design can be consist of distinct hairstyle and that is certainly not necessarily common type of hairstyle, nuts hair style, decorative and very unique.Perfect Harajuku Style Along with Harajuku Enthusiasts BagIf you want to participate in Harajuku fashion, you won't have to check out China. You have to merely lookup net to help prompted as well as have on that which you sense appears to be excellent, hairstyle, makeup as well as extras including Harajuku addicts bag. Then here's Harajuku addicts bag that might help you out of trouble.Bags are usually an important item for many people within Harajuku Addicts. If you're looking for a stylish Hermes Kelly bag and trendy equipment regarding manner, you will surely enjoy Harajuku enthusiasts bag with there being different types, models in addition to colour together with adorable figure that you can select from. You may be a student searching for pretty bag or possibly a stylish sweetheart seeking a sophisticated style handbags. Just have a look at Harajuku internet websites and you're simply going to find a fashionable bag that you will be searching for.The materials within Harajuku bag will be color in addition to sweet identity similar to Harajuku women, the bags are very manner attractive and appear beneficial. Another important characteristic connected with Harajuku bags is simply because may keep their design in style assertion. Harajuku lovers bags have a variety including Harajuku addicts bag bags or Harajuku addicts notebook computer bags etcetera.These classy and stylish bags can be bought in all colors along with size and shapes. Many exhibiting an exceptionally trendy search along with obtainable in cheap prices.Whether it's regarding recognized purpose in Harajuku type and for searching and for a relaxed day out and for college or university, Harajuku bags tend to be well-liked by youngsters currently. Harajuku bags possess nowadays become a wonderful ornament on your design and in some cases get-togethers, societal get togethers and other events.So what exactly are an individual expecting? Merely have a look at Harajuku internet sites to seek out your current Harajuku enthusiasts bag!

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