How to use this site

The Center for Health Market Innovations is coordinated by the Results for Development Institute (R4D) and relies on a broad network of in-country institutions and other partners to collect and disseminate information, conduct analytical work, and form and maintain relationships and networks. Learn more here about the benefits of using CHMI for your healthcare program, academic research, investment strategy, and more.

For Healthcare Program Managers

CHMI offers global visibility and connections to programs through its digital platform, reports like the Highlights series, the blog, and the e-newsletter. Promote your program through channels that collectively reach thousands of healthcare innovators, investors, donors, and other influential audiences.

  • Update your profile—Click on “Edit” on the right side of the profile to update your information. Programs that share more details can receive CHMI Plus badges.

  • Promote your profile—Encourage your colleagues, friends and family to “Follow” your program to keep up-to-date. Programs with the most followers will be more visible on CHMI.

  • Connect with other innovators—Discover programs innovating to improve healthcare around the world. Register on CHMI to send them a message, share information, and create partnerships.

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For Funders and Investors

CHMI provides donors and social impact investors with the latest information on cutting-edge health programs, including performance measures across dimensions like quality, outcomes, efficiency, and sustainability.

  • Discover new health programs - Browse the profiles of more than 1,400 innovative health programs in 130 countries by categories such as country, health focus, and legal status. Sort by "Gold" programs to see select programs based on the amount of information and performance indicators they publicly report in their CHMI Plus status.

  • Ensure the health programs you support have up-to-date profiles – Contribute knowledge to CHMI’s digital platform by asking programs to submit annual updates to participate in all the opportunities CHMI offers.

  • Connect with innovators – Contact innovators running health programs by joining CHMI, and then sending messages directly to managers via the “Contact” button on profiles. 

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For Researchers

CHMI offers free public access to a large, downloadable data set on innovative health programs, as well as observations on emerging practices through periodic reports, case studies, and snapshot summaries of CHMI data.

  • Share your research—Share your research with us and we will publicize it on our blog, Twitter, and other media. Contact us at

  • Connect with innovators—Register on CHMI to contact managers of CHMI-profiled programs. Ask questions and delve into programmatic details not yet public. Sort by "Gold" programs to see select programs based on the amount of information and performance indicators they publicly report in their CHMI Plus status.

  • Download the dataset – use CHMI’s data to conduct research. Register on CHMI to download the data on our “Discover Programs” page, and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with the latest publications, events, and funding opportunities. 

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