Our Network

The Center for Health Market Innovations is coordinated by the Results for Development Institute (R4D) in collaboration with a broad network of in-country institutions and global actors.

Results for Development

Regional Partners

CHMI collaborates with a global network of country-based organizations. This international network acts as a facilitator of key local and regional actors, carrying out the dual role of connecting promising programs to opportunities and encouraging system-level change. Over the past five years, CHMI has worked with over fifteen in-country partners around the globe sharing CHMI’s mission and goals. Partners have launched innovation awards, fostered connections between innovators and funders, and showcased promising models to policymakers.

Most recently, partners have become more directly engaged in fostering public-private dialogue and serving as catalysts and advisers to country efforts to steward mixed health systems. The network forms a broader alliance of innovation facilitators, working on similar activities, learning from each other, and securing additional support to carry forward related activities under the CHMI banner. CHMI's most recent partners were based in India, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, and South Africa.


Global collaborators

For profiled programs, CHMI provides special access to competitions, fundraising platforms, and mentorship networks run by our Global Collaborators such as the Skoll Foundation, Innovations in Healthcare (formerly IPIHD), and Global Giving. CHMI nominates candidates for opportunities run by global challenge funds and competitions such as Saving Lives at Birth. Collaborators often search CHMI’s database to identify candidates. CHMI also refers select programs based on the amount of information and performance indicators they publicly report their CHMI Plus status.


Expert partners

Expert partners manage collaborative knowledge-sharing communities in which they seek to identify, analyze, and connect high-potential business models or priority health focus areas. Other partners collaborate with CHMI to develop practical, standardized performance indicators.Many expert partners use this knowledge to oversee data accuracy for specific topics on CHMI. This includes updating contact information, key program components, Reported Results, and supporting documents if available. These organizations "curate" relevant topics of the data set, ensuring that profiles within certain cross sections are current and of high quality.


Related Initiatives from Results for Development

Following the success of the Center for Health Market Innovations, Results for Development (R4D) has applied the model and principles behind CHMI to new sectors with the goal of diffusing promising innovations within the broader field of international development.

  • Center for Education Innovations (CEI): CEI was launched in 2013 to increase access to quality, affordable, and equitable education. 

  • Social Accountability Atlas: The SAA identifies civil society organizations leading social accountability work throughout the world

  • WASH network Dedicated to supporting in-country innovation in water, sanitation and hygiene, the WASH Impact Network works to help organizations measure their impact, ensure sustainable funding, and scale their approach.


R4D operates a portfolio of knowledge platforms with a shared mission of improving health systems through information and connections. These include:

  • Health Systems Hub: The Hub supports knowledge exchange, networking and collaboration among global health practitioners, policymakers, researchers and development partners interested in mixed (public and private) health systems.

  • The Joint Learning Network (JLN): The JLN connects practitioners and policymakers across countries to help bridge the gap between theory and the practical 'how to' of implementing reforms to achieve universal health coverage.

  • Primary Health Care Performance Initiative(PHCPI): PHCPI brings development partners to catalyze improvements in primary health care in low- and middle-income countries through better measurement and knowledge-sharing.


Our Funders

CHMI is funded by the Department for International Development (DFID), the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Rockefeller Foundation.