Garhwal Community Development and Welfare Society Case Study

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The Christian Mission hospital or “Masiha Aspatal” situated in Chamba (6000 square feet above sea-­‐level) is the only private hospital with surgical facilities and full time surgeon for Tehri Garhwal district and also for the neighbouring district (Uttarakashi) and parts of other neighbouring district.

The 25­‐bed hospital is managed by Dr. Rajesh Singh along with his hospital employees. It is also serves as the base hospital for the community health project.  The hospital provides curative and preventive services. In addition, they also keep track of notified diseases such as tuberculosis and diarrhea. The curative services include medical and surgical management of conditions. This centre also provides care in case of emergencies due to trauma, complicated labour and other medical conditions. The preventive services include immunisation, antenatal and postnatal care, adolescent immunization, health awareness and health check-­ups for school children. The hospital also has a well equipped laboratory capable of conducting various tests required for the patients, radiological services (X-­‐ray) capable of conducting all kinds of X-­‐ray, barium meal test etc., electrocardiogram, ultrasonography and colposcopy (for screening of cervical conditions).