Highlights: 2013

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Highlights: 2013 summarizes CHMI's findings about health markets. Included in the report are details on the following:

  • Innovators are responding to some of the largest global health threats—tuberculosis, malaria, and maternal mortality—with new approaches to deliver and finance life-saving care for the poorest and most vulnerable. With the University of Toronto, CHMI reviewed hundreds of studies to determine which practices have been proven to work. 
  • Advances in supply chains can ensure that essential medication and health products are delivered to the most remote communities.  
  • CHMI has collected 770 indicators of programmatic performance, called Reported Results. Now, in cooperation with the Impact Reporting & Investment Standards of the Global Impact Investing Network, we have launched a catalog of health metrics to identify organizational models with effects on health access, outcomes, and operations/delivery.
  • More than 40 programs reported to CHMI that they have recently expanded their network of facilities, the breadth of services they offer, or that they are serving significantly more people.

Table of Contents:

  • Global Health Markets in 2013 (Info-graphic)
  • Inside Health Markets 
  • India's Dynamic Health Market
  • Health Innovations in Fragile States
  • Expanding Access to Priority Health Services and Commodities
  • Innovations in Essential Health Services
  • Ensuring Access to Medicine
  • Brief: New Research on Informal Providers
  • Tracking Program Performance and Scale 
  • Reporting on Program Performance 
  • Programs Scaling Up
  • Helping Promising Health Programs Serve More People
  • CHMI’s Impact Stories Across the Globe
  • How CHMI Can Help with Your Work