Improving the Health of Mother and Child - Solutions from India

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In India, many private sector organisations are experimenting and innovating to ensure low-cost maternal and child healthcare services of high quality. there is a growing interest, around the world, in the new practices being developed by these organisations. In this compendium, ACCESS Health International has identified and documented some of these organisations and their successful interventions. this book can serve as a repository of information for healthcare providers, policy makers, researchers and other stakeholders who are interested in new approaches to maternal and child healthcare services.

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur foundation have identified maternal and child health care as a priority area and extends support to creative people and effective institutions committed to reducing maternal and child morbidity and mortality. the macarthur foundation funded ACCESS Health International and the Centre for Emerging Markets Solutions at the Indian School of Business to develop short case studies that could inspire healthcare providers to adopt good practices.

In the book, we have identified and documented 16 providers of maternal and child healthcare services in India and their different approaches. Some of the selected organisations are for-profit, some are non-profit; some provide hospital-based services while others provide community-based services; some work closely with the government and some work independently. What the organisations have in common is interesting approaches to ensure affordability and access to services that other healthcare providers can learn from. The case studies also aim to aid teachers to educate students in medical, public health and business schools on entrepreneurial practices to advance healthcare for mothers and children.

This work is also a part of the broader effort by the Center for Health Market Innovations (Result for Development Institute, USA) under which more than 1,000 healthcare providers with interesting practices in emerging markets have so far been identified and documented. Additional information about this initiative is available at