Neurosynaptic Communications ReMeDi Case Study

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The Remote Medical Diagnostics (ReMeDi) Medical Data Acquisition Unit (MDAU) offered by Neurosynaptic Communications is an indigenous technology, developed jointly with the TeNeT group of the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai which facilitates remote diagnosis by allowing transmission of various vital parameters about the patient to a doctor that are needed to make a decision on the preliminary diagnosis. The device was designed to measure six vital parameters such as Electro cardio graph (ECG), Blood pressure, Body Temperature, Heart Sounds, Oxygen Saturation (SPO2), Heart and Pulse rate. As a first step, the group worked closely with the medical community, to identify the requirements that meet the basic needs of the population. 

The ReMeDi Solution is designed to work on multiple protocols – “the store and forward” which means it can capture all the parameters and then, whenever there is connectivity, a digital transfer is possible. In the other live mode, if the real time bandwidth is available, then it can connect and transfer all the parameters in real time on a very low bandwidth (upward of 32Kb/sec). To overcome the low power-constrained situations, the device was designed to work on only two watts of power, which it can draw from the computer USB port. To address the lack of availability of trained medical professionals in the villages, the solution has been developed such that after a minimal amount of training, even a high-school graduate can operate the Solution. The solution provides complete Electronic Medical Records, images, various health parameters like ECG and heart sounds, as well as audio-video conferencing at very low bandwidth, thereby making it an excellent platform for rural and remote healthcare delivery in villages starved for infrastructure and medical expertise.