SAJIDA Bandhu: A Case Study

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SAJIDA has been committed to its goal of providing quality health care services to the poor and poorest of the poor. Its health program that was initiated in 1999 remains an integral component of SAJIDA's development interventions. As part of its comprehensive development approach, the purpose of the program is to improve the health of SAJIDA member families (micro-­finance participants). It also plans to provide quality preventive and curative healthcare services to other community people in SAJIDA's working areas.

Click Diagnostic’s mobile health (mHealth) is a business­‐oriented social platform that connects health service providers, reduces cost of service delivery, and optimally utilizes tiers of the existing health system for patient care. In Bangladesh, a community health­‐worker with a Click-­enabled mobile phone is able to act as the primary agent for service delivery. She is connected with the doctor of the formal health care delivery system via the mHealth platform. 

Click diagnostic and SAJIDA Foundation had entered into a partnership in October 2010 to pilot a project (from October 2010 – June 2011). The pilot aimed at improving maternal and child health in rural areas of Dhaka through the use of mobile phone technology.