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Pakistan, a country well known for its mountainous terrain, has struggled for decades to overcome challenges of accessibility to healthcare, both physical and financial. Rural communities in Pakistan face greater obstacles in receiving healthcare, as evidenced by significantly higher rates of maternal, under 5, and infant mortalities compared to urban populations. A close look at programs in Pakistan profiled by the Center for Health Market Innovations reveals a vibrant community of innovators making use of modern technology to overcome these obstacles to deliver healthcare to the very last mile. Of the programs profiled in Pakistan, 38 are delivering care to rural communities, where 63% of Pakistan’s population lives.

Several groups, such as Sehat First, pictured above, are making use of modern information communications technologies to establish social enterprise telehealth centers in rural pakistan. Others, Such as Sehat Sahulat Clinic Basic+ are using mobile clinics to reach remote populations. Explore these and other programs profiled in Pakistan.

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Program Map

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Micro Health Franchise System (UmeedSey)

Micro Health Franchise System empowers community midwives to provide high quality and cost effective healthcare services to mother and child in poor communities through the use of mobile phones and electronic medical records.

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