Interactive Research & Development

IRD’s mission is to improve the well-being of vulnerable communities through innovation in research and health delivery.

IRD was founded in Karachi, Pakistan where a lack of well-trained researchers and development professionals, unrealistically low salaries in academia and the non-profit sector, and working environments that do not support innovation presented real challenges to overcome. Their solution lay in attracting back to Pakistan as many recent graduates as we could from some of the best global health and development training programs in the world.

Our managers and associates have world-class training, and access their local and global networks to develop and implement innovative new solutions to health and social problems. Our pioneering work in areas where global health, behavioral economics and information technology converge have provided an exciting impetus for growth. In 2012, IRD is spinning off two project teams as independent social enterprises operating completely on business principles. While our growth has been remarkable by any standards, it is the people that work here that truly stand out. Because no matter where we work, our team brings the same drive for innovation and commitment to saving lives.

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