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ASEMBIS Health is a social enterprise that provides medical services to Costa Rica through call centers, technology, and affordable pricing, all with a warm and qualified staff.

Key program components

Through the use of a multi-tiered pricing model (in which higher revenues earned from wealthier patients cross-subsidize low-income patients), ASEMBIS of Costa Rica has created a financially self-sustaining network of clinics that offer services from basic eye examinations to sophisticated surgical procedures at a 40-70% discount from the market rate.

ASEMBIS's integrated network includes non-traditional health professionals for vision testing and preventive care, cost-efficient and high-volume clinics, and mobile rural clinics; in all treating over 350,000 patients in 2004.

ASEMBIS has 8 clinics in different regions of Costa Rica, offering nationwide coverage, and provides a wide spectrum of medical services, from basic health to sophisticated surgeries, imaging diagnostics, and almost all specialties, including: oftalmology, otorrinolaringology, cardiology, and gynocology, among others.