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BulshoKaab Pharmacies Network


PSI Somaliland established BulshoKaab, a social franchise network of private pharmacies to provide quality health services to the clients.

Program goals

The objective of the social franchise network is to provide accessible, equitable, and quality health care for women. The pharmacies provide health services/products, counseling services, and referrals.

Key program components

BulshoKaab (meaning "Community Helper"), was established as a social franchise network of private pharmacies by PSI Somaliland. PSI Somaliland supports the franchise by funding pharmacist trainings—allowing them to provide the basic care outlined in the six core health areas of the Essential Package of Health Services (which were outlined by the World Health Organization)—and carrying out monitoring activities in order to ensure service quality. BulshoKaab provides drugs to franchised pharmacies. All franchises are fractional, with approximately 10% of products sourced from the program. Franchisees are able to purchase discounted drugs and commodities from BulshoKaab because of the volume-based purchasing power of the network. When a provider joins the BulshoKaab network, they receive some basic medical training, educational materials, the advertising benefits of the franchise brand, and socially marketed products like Nasiye, BiyoSife- eye, and Shuban-Daweeye. They also provide family planning pills, injectables, and diarrhea treatment and prevention products.

In 2013, BulshoKaab plans to introduce pre-packaged therapy kits for pneumonia treatment, plus Sprinkles.

Quality assurance and performance monitoring methods include:

Regular site visits (3/year) Annual client exit interviews (1/year) Performance benchmarking (3/year) Mapping studies (1/year). The findings from the quality assessments are used to make recommendations for fran- chisees. In 2013, the Health Services Department will begin quality assessment activities as well, thereby diversifying the quality assurance feedback that pharmacies receive.