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Changamka Microhealth Limited


Changamka MicroHealth is an integrated health financing company that utilizes an electronic platform, accessible by mobile phones, to facilitate the financing of healthcare services for the working poor in Kenya. This includes a health savings account, e-vouchers, and microinsurance scheme.

Program goals

Changamka's mission is “to innovatively use technology, to create mechanisms for delivery of easily accessible, affordable, quality healthcare." Changamka bases its work on the idea that most Kenyans are not too poor to pay for healthcare, but they do not have the proper mechanisms for saving. The Changamka Smart Card fills this role. Once a client is issued their personalized card, they can add money whenever and in whatever increments they want, allowing them to save at their own pace. Money is added either at a GPRS terminal, or through a mobile phone. An unlimited amount of money can be added to the card and there is no expiration date.

Key program components

Out-Patient Smartcard:

The Changamka outpatient smartcard is available at one's nearest retailer or select supermarkets. The card is ready for use at any of more than 30 accredited medical establishments in Nairobi, Kikuyu and Mombasa. The card provides a wallet for pre-paid purchases of health care in pre-determined price-contracted packages containing consultation, one laboratory test and drugs for a range of diseases. The card is sold for Kshs. 500 and comes pre-loaded with Kshs. 450. The bearer can then top-up at any time for any amount using M-PESA.

Features include:

  • No expiry date

  • Treatment package cost KSh 450/- or 730/

  • PIN in case of loss

  • No savings limit

  • Medical Providers within all high population zones in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kikuyu and Naivasha.

  • Quality Assured clinics

The bearer procures services at discount prices whilst the Medical Providers benefits from the increased numbers, assured and timely payments every fortnight free of administrative costs.

Maternity Smartcard:

The Maternity card is a pre-paid card that allows the bearer to obtain ante-natal, maternity and post-natal services at listed prices in participating facilities. The card is available at participating Hospitals for KSh 250 and can be topped up by M-PESA or at the hospital terminal. The cardholder may get a discount on listed prices depending on the program.

In August 2013, Changamka launched M-Kadi ya Maternity and M-Kadi ya Family Health which cost 100 shillings for the card itself and are targeted at residents in the East of Nairobi. This initiative received Ksh 2.5 million funding from USAID.

Smartcard for third party payers schemes:

Changamka seeks to provide the electronic administration platform for all available voucher programs in healthcare, maternal healthcare, hunger alleviation and education in Kenya. This product is aimed primarily at various reproductive health schemes that utilize vouchers to facilitate service delivery to holders at designated Hospitals. Changamka's voucher model is based on fees for usage of a percentage of the aggregate monthly cards usage. After maternity the card provides continuity into the Changamka out-patient, and later insured in-patient, scheme.

In-house Smartcard:

Changamka engages institutions, particularly Universities, who run their own clinics for student healthcare and are seeking a mechanism for administration of the scheme. The Changamka Smartcard is useful for monitoring and control of usage of such schemes with minimum administration in a paperless environment. Changamka indicates that as much as 30% savings on administrative costs can be achieved using the Changamka platform and smartcards.

As of June 2011, 9500 Smart Cards and 3200 maternity cards had been distributed, 2300 women were being given monthly health education, and there were 600 hospital transactions using the cards every month.


In 2011, Changamka Microhealth Limited incorporated its subsidiary, Changamka Microinsurance Limited (CMI). CMI works with British American Insurance Kenya Limited (BRITAM) and Safaricom Limited to provide LINDA JAMII, a microinsurance product launched nationally in January 2014. CMI is responsible for the electronic platform and distribution channels for the product.

By June 2014, Changmaka has reached 37,000 subscribers with its health initiatives.