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On Cue Compliance


On Cue Compliance uses specially designed pill bottles to ensure adherence to drug regimens for critical diseases such as TB and HIV/AIDS.

Program goals

Reminders to take daily medication are an effective means to ensure drug regime adherence, which is critical for diseases like TB, where 99% of those infected can be cured with proper medication compliance.

Key program components

The SIMpill solution is designed to help ensure compliance. SIMpill works by equipping a pill bottle with a SIM card and transmitter. When the pill bottle is opened, an SMS message is sent to a designated healthcare worker. If the pill bottle is not opened when expected, the patient gets a text message reminder to take the medication. If the patient then fails to comply, the health worker is prompted to call or visit to encourage the taking of medication.

A 2007 pilot in South Africa to test the system’s efficacy yielded impressive results. The pilot showed that with SIMpill, 90% of patients complied with their medication regimen, compared to the typical 22% to 60% compliance rate without the system. The solution is now available worldwide.

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