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Health at Home/Kenya


Health at Home/Kenya works to bring HIV counseling and testing, TB screening, and malaria bed nets to remote households in western Kenya that have difficulties accessing health care.

Program goals

As many as 70% of Kenyans do not know their HIV status. Health at Home/Kenya builds on the results of AMPATH's successful Kenya door-to-door pilot program where its HIV testing teams were welcomed into more than 95% of homes in Mosoriot, Turbo and Mautuma districts . Health at Home/Kenya aims to reach two million people in western Kenya with their services over the next two years.

Key program components

Health at Home/Kenya is a public-private partnership that provides home-based HIV counseling and testing. In order to ensure success, nurses and counselors enter homes with a Android Phone that has a Geographic Positioning System (GPS) app to collect and enter data regarding the family's health, record test results, and document the physical location of the household to guarantee education, counselling and data collection follow-up. Data is entered into the AMPATH medical record system which is currently the most complete and comprehensive medical data base in sub-Saharan Africa. Anyone identified as HIV-positive is immediately given an appointment for follow-up clinical care.

In addition to reaching HIV-positive individuals and connecting them with the appropriate services, the program also helps those who test negative for HIV by teaching them about HIV/AIDS prevention and encouraging them to implement practices that will allow them to remain HIV-free. Those who agree to be tested will be given two bed nets, and offered free pregnancy tests and screening for tuberculosis. Children under five will be dewormed.