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Kumudini Hospital Bangladesh


Starting as a village-based 20-bed hospital, Kumudini Hospital has grown to be one of the largest privately built hospitals in Bangladesh, a 750-bed facility serving a primarily rural population.

Key program components

Kumudini hospital provides free treatment to all those who are unable to afford medical care. It provides treatment for almost all types of diseases. The hospital has its own laboratory with necessary diagnostic facilities. In addition, the laboratory has research and training facilities. Apart from the general services, the Hospital has a Village Outreach Program which consists of doctors and nurses who periodically visit nearby villages to train the villagers on midwifery, family planning, breastfeeding, sanitation, antenatal and general health awareness. Patients from all over Bangladesh come here for a free health service of a high standard which is not available anywhere else in the country. Kumudini Hospital also provides both permanent and non-permanent birth control options. Furthermore, TBAs are given training on how to motivate fertile couples to accept family planning measures.

At its inception, the Hospital used to provide completely free care. As of 1993, the hospital's Trust initiated a Patient's Participation Program to generate small amount of revenue.  To avail all sorts of outdoor facilities Outpatients (those not requiring hospitalization) have to buy a card worth Tk.10 only which is valid for 3 months. Hospitalized patients do not have to bear the cost of bed charges, the three daily meals or any other services provided to them. Inpatient care is free except for the cost of medication.