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The Nacer solution allows remote healthcare workers to share data with other remote workers, medical experts, and hospitals, using any telephone (mobile, satellite, or fixed-line telephone systems) or Internet technology

Program goals

The program aimed to improve maternal and neonatal health by providing a means for remote health personnel to receive appropriate guidance and assistance from medical experts.

Key program components

Nacer facilitates rapid, real-time communication among remote health posts, medical experts and regional hospitals. A centralized database hosts all of this data and allows for real-time access. Through Nacer, the entire health ecosystem can send and receive information in order to monitor patient health, provide referrals and follow-up care, and track supplies and disease outbreaks. Madhu Krishna of Voxiva claims that, “should health personnel report symptoms that are indicative of a serious, underlying health condition in a pregnant woman, regional health workers can review her records and send voicemail messages and other support to ensure the woman is receiving appropriate care.” Further, health workers can spend more time on provision of quality services to the communities they serve because the solutions eliminate or significantly reduce the need for paper-based data collection, enabling health workers and managers to spend less time on routine administrative tasks.