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Naya Jeevan


Naya Jeevan is a hybrid social enterprise dedicated to rejuvenating the lives of low-income families in Pakistan by providing them with affordable access to quality healthcare through insurance.

Program goals

Naya Jeevan's mission is to provide social protection to low-income families in an efficient and inclusive manner through a unique micro health insurance model (asset protection) that is embedded in an ecosystem of socio-economic services.

Key program components

Naya Jeevan creates scalable partnerships with corporations, schools, SMEs, NGOs and individuals that formally or informally employ low-income workers, to leverage an existing, nationwide, high-quality inpatient and ER-trauma healthcare delivery system.

Naya Jeevan offers its health insurance program at subsidized rates under a national group health insurance model (underwritten by Allianz EFU, AsiaCare, IGI and Pak Qatar Takaful). Additionally, its group plan members are given access to a host of value-added services such as:

  • 24-hour medical Tele-health line staffed by in-house staff doctors
  • Patient advocacy and claim optimization by medical team
  • A Health Rescue fund for uninsurable conditions
  • Annual Health risk assessments
  • Preventive health workshops-hand hygiene, anti-smoking etc.
  • Discounted access to routine primary care
  • Discounted access to vision and dental services
  • A discounted pharmacy smart card program (in development)

Naya Jeevan has introduced an Outpatient (OPD) management service, where it administers and manages the health savings accounts of corporations for the medical expenses of their employees. Furthermore, NAYA JEEVAN also conducts theme-specific corporate workshops; with a specific focus on increasing infant/child and women’s health and wellness to help reduce infant/child mortality and maternal mortality within low-income populations residing in urban slums.

The social business model is unique in that it leverages corporate supply chains, on both the supply and retail side. It aims to structure an entire ecosystem of multiple hybrid value chains (HVCs) around multinational corporations that can potentially serve the needs of uninsured contracted workers, micro-retailers, small-scale dairy farmers, and SME employees that are integrated in the supply chains of MNCs. These beneficiaries can be protected under a national scale health insurance plan catalyzed by the corporate sector that rewards suppliers, distributors, retailers, customers, etc. with an integrated health plan, co-financed by the corporation as part of a loyalty/incentive program.

Naya Jeevan is a recipient of a USAID grant which is currently being used to finance a pilot project to provide integrated healthcare in a community model which leverages mobile micro payments and tele-medicine, while engendering community participation.

Naya Jeevan's initial focus is on South Asia with operations ongoing in Pakistan. It is currently seeking USD 1.3 M of growth capital for expansion to other major urban centers in Pakistan for the purposes of increasing its geographical outreach and accelerating its path to sustainability.