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Nefrocare is the largest network of independent low-cost dialysis providers in Brazil. It operates 11 clinics in Brazil and 1 in Africa.

Program goals

Nefrocare's mission is to promote and develop solutions for kidney health, quality, safety and efficiency, targeting social welfare.

To reduce cost, it used scale by opening 11 clinics which enabled them to make their business low cost, maximize revenue and make the model profitable by opening clinics, purchasing equipment and medicine.

Key program components

Approximately 90% of patients are covered by the Brazilian government (SUS), and 10% are covered by private health insurances. Every year the Brazilian government spends 8% of it’s GDP in health programs. The Ministry of Health budgets 5 to 10% for kidney diseases and dialyses, the highest budget for one health specialty.

In 2008, Nefrocare acquired two other clinics outside of the state of Sao Paulo: one in Bahia and one in Rio de Janeiro. Nefrocare’s patients are covered by both public and private health insurance.