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Savai Man Singh Hospital - Radiology services


Radiology services comprising of high end diagnostics like CT Scan & MRI are provided in partnership with private providers in Savail Man Singh Hospitals at a very low cost.

Key program components

MRI and CT Scan facilities are provided in Savai Man Singh Hospital in public private partnership in Jaipur by Vardhaman Scanners and Imagers Pvt Ltd. Savai Man Singh Hospital (SMS Hospital) is a government run tertiary care hospital attached to medical college and provides free treatment to the poor. It is one of the largest hospitals in the region covering all super specialties.

Like many other government run medical college hospitals in India SMS Hospital didn't have CT scan and MRI facility, it was considered that this activity is capital intensive and to be sustainable needs to be efficiently managed.

In August 2004 SMS hospital issued an open tender inviting applications from interested private agencies to install, operate and maintain CT-scan and MRI services in its premises with desired specifications.

A two stage bidding process was adopted where in first stage technical evaluation was done and financial bids were invited from private providers who qualified technical evaluation. In this process Vardhaman Scanners and Imagers Pvt Ltd was selected after technical and financial evaluation and contract was signed. The private provider was given a period of four months from the date of signing the contract in which to install the machines. The agreement was for a period of seven years. As per the agreement hospital would be providing space for which private provider would pay Rs 5000/- per month. The private provider would be charging rates contracted in the agreement from the patients, the contractor is obligated to provide free services to 20% of all patients to patients are from poor economic categories and their eligibility for free services is to be verified by the hospital’s Medical Superintendent.

The patients from SMS hospital are to be prioritized and the private provider can also conduct scans on patients coming from outside of the hospital. SMS hospital provides infrastructural support and physical space for installing the machines. The private provider is responsible for the installation of machines and equipment, modification in infrastructure according to requirements for machine operations, arrangement of and payment for electricity and water connections, staff salaries, security, daily operations, maintenance of premises, records and monthly reports to SMS Hospital apart from manning qualified professionals.

It was observed that patients were happy as services were available in the same premises; the prices were to be reviewed after three years of signing the contract which wasn't done. Monitoring and review is done by Rajasthan Medicare Relief Societies committee.