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Sol Salud


Zurich has launched two health insurance products with BancoSol, SolSalud and SolSalud Plus. Account holders at BancoSol have the option of having life insurance (SolSeguro), life plus basic health coverage (SolSalud), or life, health and additional coverage in case of accidents (SolSalud Plus).

Key program components

Anyone between the ages of 18 and 65 who has a savings account in BancoSol is eligible for the health coverage, which is underwritten by Zurich Bolivia. No medical examinations are required. The account holder only has to complete a short health declaration when they open the account. Most persons opening up accounts do so because they want savings facilities, not because they want insurance coverage, which helps to control adverse selection. The SolSalud policy includes unlimited doctors visits, 80% of maternity, 70% hospitalization and surgery, 80% ambulance, blood transfusion up to US$300 (80%), and life insurance for US$3.99/month. The SolSalud Plus policy includes SolSalud coverage plus up to US$500 per person per year and up to US$2 500 per family group per year for medical expenses in case of accidents. Both products are voluntary (as of 2008).

The premiums for both the SolSalud and SolSalud Plus policies increase as family members are added to the policy. Eligible family members include spouses under the age of 65 and children under the age of 21. Premiums increase from one member (US$0.99 for SolSeguro, US$3.99 for SolSalud, and US$4.48 for SolSalud Plus) to one member with four dependents (US$13.99 for SolSalud) and US$16.44 for SolSalud Plus) (as of 2008). To collect the premiums, Zurich debits premiums from the client’s account.