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Sproxil uses mobile technology to combat counterfeiting and illegal distribution with innovative, consumer-focused product protection and targeted marketing solutions. Its award-winning Mobile Product Authentication™ (MPA™) technology drives revenue and engages consumers at point of sale through brand assurance, fraud protection, and loyalty rewards. MPA is touted as the most-widely used solution of its kind, deployed by several large companies across ten industries and protecting millions of consumers around the world.

Program goals

Sproxil's mission is to work with organizations and industries to provide technology solutions that improve the quality of life of individuals and societies.

Key program components

Sproxil offers product and service solutions to help manufacturers and distributors, government regulators, and consumers combat the spread of counterfeit products. While the company maintains a strong focus on supporting the patient protection needs of the pharmaceutical industry, Sproxil also serves other industries, including automotive aftermarket parts, health & beauty products, food and beverage, electrical cables, textiles and clothing, and agro-chemicals.

The company's flagship Mobile Product Authentication (MPA) solution empowers consumers to actively avoid counterfeit products and help anti-counterfeiting efforts simply by using their mobile phone.

Every Sproxil-protected product bears a security label with a scratch-off panel that, when removed, reveals a unique, single-use PIN code. At point of purchase, consumers can SMS text the PIN code to Sproxil and instantly receive a reply verifying that the product is genuine or warning that it is suspicious. Consumers are encouraged to call Sproxil's 24/7 hotline to provide anonymous tip offs regarding any suspicious activity. The hotline is also available for those who require assistance during the verification process or have specific questions regarding their products. As a means to further increase access, Sproxil also offers the solution by mobile app (iOS, Android, and Blackberry 7) and by web (

As a part of the MPA technology, Sproxil gathers important consumer data that brand owners can leverage to optimize their marketing program, monitor for counterfeiting hot spots, or gain a better understanding of consumer purchasing habits. 

Sproxil’s MPA solution is compatible with any tangible item, and is widely used by top ten global pharmaceutical companies as well as top ten Indian pharmaceutical companies.

In addition to Sproxil’s flagship MPA, Sproxil offers a comprehensive track and trace solution for the supply chain called Cascading Authentication™, as well as advisory services to help brand owners streamline business processes, enhance product’s reputation, and increase profits. Sproxil’s flexible, mobile-based solution can also supplement communication efforts and marketing campaigns. The solution can be used to deploy consumer loyalty campaigns, sweepstakes, and consumer engagement programs that have proved to both encourage consumer use and increase sales.