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Year launched: 2005


Health focus


TRACnet is an electronic health record system that allows health workers in Rwanda to more easily enter, access and share health information.

Key program components

TRACnet is a comprehensive data entry, storage, access, and sharing system created in Rwanda in 2005 by the Treatment and Research AIDS Center (TRAC), part of the Rwandan Ministry of Health. It is a dynamic information technology system designed to collect, store, retrieve, display and disseminate critical program information, as well as to manage drug distribution and patient information related to the care and treatment of HIV/AIDS. This system enables practitioners involved in anti-retroviral (ARV) treatment programs to submit reports electronically and have timely access to vital information. By dialling 3456, a toll free number, or logging onto a bilingual website (English and French), health centre staffers can submit or receive programme results on HIV/AIDS patients as soon as they are processed.

TRACnet was designed for use with all types of technology and information systems, but today, 90% of the system's users access it via mobile phones, rather than more expensive and less reliable computers and Internet connections. TRACnet uses solar energy chargeable mobile phones, which can be used in the most remote parts of the country. Results of the gradual deployment and development of TRACnet have been promising.

By the end of 2005, 21 medical centers had switched from inefficient paper-based systems to TRACnet's electronic records system. By 2007, TRACnet covered all 168 health facilities that provide ART treatment, and there were plans to extend the system to 400 more health facilities. Rwanda's Ministry of Health also hopes to expand the system to cover other chronic illnesses.

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