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PhilHealth Link

PhilHealth LINK is a call center for PHilHealth members, a collaborative enterprise supported by provincial local government units (LGUs) who want to maximize reimbursement from PhilHealth so that LGU health facilities can have a steady revenue stream.

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Wireless Access for Health Initiative, Inc. (WAH)

The Wireless Access for Health Initiative (WAH) is a public-private partnership put together in 2009 to improve local health governance and access to quality data by health managers, local chief executives, and policy makers.

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Mother Bles Birthing Clinics

Mother Bles Birthing Clinics (MBBC) are networks of PhilHealth accredited birthing health facility started in Leyte Province. KaKaK Foundation, which serves as the non-profit private partner, manages the general requirements of all birthing clinics, including PhilHealth accreditation and marketing.

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