What is CHMI Plus?

CHMI Plus is a new way to view and use available information in our database of over 1,400 health innovations. The CHMI Plus Status allows users to see which programs share and actively maintain detailed information about their program. With CHMI Plus, it is easy to search for programs that share more comprehensive and up-to-date information on their program activities, monitoring and evaluation strategies, and any associated internal and external evidence documentation. CHMI Plus is designed to increase the level of easily available information about programs’ approaches and M&E practices. It is also intended to improve transparency and accountability in global health, improving reporting practices, and ultimately enhancing our collective understanding about what is producing promising results for the poor.

If you don’t already have a username, sign-up for CHMI to get started with profile creation.



The enhanced CHMI Profile gives users a snapshot of programs’ essential information.

The Program Dashboard makes information immediately accessible. All identifying tags are interactive.



The new CHMI Plus Status includes two scales: Profile Completeness, and Monitoring & Evaluation Reporting. Be sure to update your profile to achieve badges in both scales!


By completing the new profile creation process, programs can achieve points towards medals. The more information programs submit, the more points awarded. all program managers are invited to update their program profile information to include recent changes and fill in missing information.  Your new CHMI PLUS Status will automatically update to reflect these changes. We encourage all program profile managers to add and update programs to get to a GOLD rating!


Programs that share information on their monitoring and evaluation practices are awarded M&E Check Marks. CHMI’s monitoring and evaluation reporting is used by researchers, funders, and award groups to find programs committed to learning and improvement. You can share your program’s M&E practices in 3 ways.


In the profile creation screens, programs share their strategies to collect data, previous process evaluations, and impact evaluations – and supporting documents for each. Documents will not be made public without program managers’ approval, and all submitted documentation should be cleaned of any sensitive data.


Why Participate in CHMI PLUS?

Programs with complete profiles are more likely to attract attention from potential funders, researchers, and other programs looking to connect with collaborators. Gold-rated programs are featured on the CHMI front page, and are readily visible for all blog posts and search results. The profile completeness rating and M&E badges ensure that programs which are actively seeking to learn, share, and collaborate are visible to both first-time and experienced users.


  • CHMI rewards program profiles participating in CHMI PLUS—ranking a minimum of Bronze—with increased web visibility,  on the CHMI home page and topic portals.
  • Ranked programs are also likely to be featured in annual Highlights reports and other publications.



  • Silver-ranked program profiles are often nominated for competitions led by partnering funders like GlobalGiving, Toniic, Ashoka Changemakers, and the Skoll Foundation
  • Profiles at the Silver level also get Bronze-level benefits



  • Gold-ranked program profiles are considered for in-depth learning and funding opportunities, including CHMI’s Learning Exchange and the Primary Care Learning Collaborative.
  • Gold profiles also get Bronze and Silver-level benefits


Ready to start using CHMI Plus? Here’s how to get started:

  • To update your program, click  EDIT PROGRAM   on your profile
  • Submit new program profiles by first registering or logging in, then click  Create a Program Profile  


To learn more about CHMI Plus and how you can participate, contact Jeff Arias.