Micro/community health insurance

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Technomedics biomedical ltd

Technomedics biomedical ltd provides quality diagnostic medical services to medium and low income group and extends its services to the rural communities in Rivers state through its mobile clinic program. The major target is to reduce maternal and child mortality and aid early cancer detection.


An app for trustworthy doctor selection, appointment scheduling and reasonably priced video, phone or text chat consultation. DoctorDial furthers our dream of providing free personalized health education and making quality health care accessible to the underprivileged.

Salud Cercana

Salud Cercana started as a targeted intervention program that focused on cardiovascular health, but has since expanded to become Mexico's first pre-paid primary health plan for low- and middle-income residents.

Pro Mujer Mexico

Pro Mujer in Mexico targets women in low-income areas to combine micro-financing and health to empower women and enable access to care.

Alivio Capital

Alivio Capital is a financing organization that provides options for low-income families to pay for medical expenses. Alivio Capital keeps their interest rates lower than other institutions so families do not go into debt.

COFAS (Centros de Orientacion Familiar y Salud)

COFAS is a network of three hospitals that provide primary care, speciality care, and dentistry to poor and marginalized populations in Mexico.

FXBVillage Model

FXBVillage methodology brings the extreme poor to self-sufficiency in three years by simultaneously tackling the five drivers of poverty: lack of nutrition, health, education, housing, and income.


BIVE is a health insurance scheme which targets low income populations to make quality healthcare services more affordable and accessible.


doctHERs is a novel healthcare marketplace that connects female doctors to millions of under served patients in real-time while leveraging online technology. doctHERs circumvents sociocultural barriers that restrict women to their homes, access to quality healthcare and inclusion in the profession.

Airtel Insurance with MicroEnsure

Airtel rewards loyal customers (who registered for the product by dialing a shortcode) with free insurance as long as they spent a minimum amount of airtime (usually $2). The more a customer spent with the telecom, the more health insurance could be earned


OCSA Care is an occupational healthcare product that provides a comprehensive, basic, day to day medical plan to workers who do not earn enough to afford medical aid and enlists doctors, dentists, optometrists, radiologists and pathologists who provide services to members at low costs.


Yasiru is a microinsurance group in Sri Lanka which focuses on providing death, dismemberment and hospitalization insurance to low income populations. The monthly premiums vary from LKR 10 to 150 ($0.1 to $1.5) and the benefits range from LKR 3000 to 120 000 ($30 to $1,200).