Announcing the Launch of the Artha Venture Challenge

The challenge, managed by Ennovent on behalf of the Artha Platform is designed to fix a well-acknowledged problem – the missing middle in social finance where there is a lack of high risk, patient capital for early stage social ventures in the $50k - $200k range.

To ensure that good ideas have the support to become big, the Artha Venture Challenge will be inviting applications from social ventures in India that are operating in the sectors of Agriculture, Energy, Water or Livelihoods and have completed proof of concept but are struggling to get the next round of patient capital.

Learn more about the challenge by visiting

Through the Artha Venture Challenge, the selected cohort of up to10 social entrepreneurs will get the opportunity to pitch for up to $50k of funding if matched by the equivalent or more in co-investment. In addition, Artha will also work with the cohort to build a compelling growth story, find investors, make strategic connections and provide expert mentoring designed to keep pace with the fastest growing social ventures.

Worried that you may get selected as part of the cohort but are unable to find co-investors? Don’t be. The Artha Venture Challenge is based on the Big Venture Challenge that has previously taken place in the UK where 10 early stage co-investment deals were closed within 10 months, attracting over £1m in co-investment, 67% of which was from new Angel investors who had never made an impact investment before.

If your enterprise is delivering positive impact in the agriculture, energy, water or livelihoods sectors and you are seeking growth investment, then the Artha Venture Challenge is for you. Apply for the Artha Venture Challenge now