Challenge: UN-SDG Innovation in Zambia

Challenge Summary

This challenge is seeking to identify effective solutions at the community level to improve the health and well-being of children in Zambia. 

Current Status: Open, accepting proposals

Challenge Close: Full Application deadline: May 23rd

Prize amount:

Up to $40,000


SDG Philanthropy Platform: UNDP, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors and Foundation Center

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The Zambian Ministry of Health, with support from the WHO and UNICEF, conducted a "Zambia Child Health Situation Analysis" which  highlighted many of the health issues that children face in Zambia. Some of the essential determinants of health found include:

  • low education levels
  • poor water and sanitation
  • failing economy/ poverty
  • poor maternal nutrition



Describe the problem you are addressing, based on the Challenge statements, in greater detail. What is the challenge and what data do you have to support the problem statement? Please make sure to not infer potential solutions in the problem statement. 

How will you address the problem? Describe your proposed solution and how you will test and demonstrate if your solution works. We invest primarily in well thought-out processes and good teams, not in ideas. Note who the interested stakeholders and end-users of your product, service, or solution are. Give a brief overview of the selling points for your solution. Why would end-users want and use your solution; also compared to solutions of competitors? 

For proposals on new initiatives, it is fine to not have a clear vision of the solution yet but rather to outline how it will be co-designed.  

Challenge statements: 

  1. A challenge to find innovative solutions to change attitudes of traditional leaders, parents, and community members to reduce teenage pregnancies and prevent child marriages in Zambia. 
  2. A challenge to find solutiosn capable of real-time service tracking and response (availability, access, quality, delivery) for child services (health, education, social protection, etc.) at the community level in Zambia. 
  3. A challenge to find innovative solutions to support young mothers to meet their economic needs, have skills and knowledge for better capital generation and management, which translates into greater investments in children. 
  4. A challenge to find innovative solutions that use community-based service delivery models to improve the well-being of children, including those with special needs (early childhood development, education, health, nutrition, HIV, etc.).



    Create a proposal to provide a summary of your innovation.
    Please submit your finished proposal to:
    • Maybin Nsupila, SDGPP Zambia -
    • Ceri Davies, SDGPP Zambia -


For more details, see this Flyer.pdf