CHMI Philippines Partner Recognizes Top 10 Health Market Innovations in 2012

For the second year of the Health Market Innovations Project, the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) held a Roundtable Discussion on July 31, 2012 at Hotel Dusit Thani in Makati City. For this year, PIDS has identified 80 innovative health programs across the country. From this universal list, 10 programs were shortlisted by the Project Steering Committee that were evaluated and assessed by experts during the Roundtable Discussion.

A total of 21 experts from different sectors such as government, academia, industry associations, professional organizations, donors, NGOs, and the private sector, formed the panel of judges who assessed and evaluated each program. This was led by Mr. Oscar Picazo, Senior Research Consultant of PIDS and Dr. Alejandro Herrin, Chair of the Project Steering Committee. The program implementers presented their program to the judges who were given time to ask detailed questions about each scheme.

The 10 programs were divided into three batches. The first two batches were screened during the morning session. The first batch of presenters was called to attention after the welcome remarks by Dr. Josef Yap, President of PIDS, and the presentation of Mr. Oscar Picazo on how these 10 programs were selected. These include the Strategic Hospital Alliance Program (SHAP) of the Makati Medical Center; Provincial Indigency Health Program: The Bukidnon Model; and the Secured Health Information Network and Exchange (SHINE) of Smart Communications, Inc. The second batch of programs consists of the Surveillance in Post Extreme Emergencies and Disasters (SPEED) of the Department of Health (DOH) and World Health Organization (WHO); LiFEDATA EMR of the LiFEDATA Systems, Inc.; and PhilHealth Link of PhilHealth Region 8.

The afternoon session was the presentation of the last batch of programs and deliberation of the judges. The programs that presented during this session include the Health Plus Outlets of Antique Federation of NGOs (AFON); Ifugao’s Ayod Community Health Teams; Hospital Incentive Scheme: Special Service Fee of the Provincial Government of Leyte; and the Mother Bles Birthing Clinics of KaKaK Foundation, Inc. Following the presentation of the last program, the judges were asked to rank the 10 programs individually. PIDS team then tallied the ranking of the judges and from this, the top three (3) programs were identified. During the presentation of the results, the judges discussed the issue of presentation bias and the statistical tool to be used for tallying the ranks; where the experts chose to use the mean average.

Finally, certificates of attendance and tokens were distributed among the experts.
The recognition of the 10 finalists and awarding of the top 3 health market innovations (HMI) will be held during the Galing Likha-Kalusugan Awards 2012.