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The Center for Health Market Innovations is dedicated to sharing
information and connecting people working to improve health markets in
developing countries. You may be managing a program and looking to get
ideas from people who have implemented a similar program (say,
micro-insurance) in another country. Or you may be a small successful
startup seeking additional funding to scale-up your operations. This
is one area where CHMI is looking to play a role. Our site today
houses more than 600 program profiles and more than 70 funding
organizations. We are looking to add ways for CHMI visitors to learn
more about the people behind the programs. Some of the website add-ons
we are considering are general forums on various innovative program
uses, forums focused on particular diseases, and adding personal
contacts with programs profiles. These are add-ons we will roll out in
the coming months. We'd like to hear from you what interactive tools
you could use on the Center for Health Market Innovations site.

In the meantime, we have just started a Facebook page to help you get
to know each other. We are keen to help you put a face to a name.
Please [join us]( on Facebook by clicking "Like"
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