Crossing the 5,000 visits mark!

It has been 8 weeks since the launch of the CHMI website and we are very excited to announce that the site has now been visited by over 2,200 people from 90 countries for a total of over 5,000 visits. We are thrilled that the site is getting so much attention. Thank you all for your interest, support and contributions.

We now have close to 600 program profiles, and with new partners in 13 more countries to join the CHMI network in the coming months, we will be adding many more innovative programs for you to learn about. If you already know of a program that is not in the CHMI database, please tell us about it or register and add it yourself. Your contributions are extremely valuable and we rely on them to help CHMI grow and serve its stakeholders better.

Now that we have reached an important milestone, we would love to get your feedback on your experience using the site so far. What can be improved to better serve your needs? Please email rreis at with your comments, stories and suggestions. Many thanks!