Don't miss Sankalp's latest enterprise workshop series in India!

Sankalp is offering two workshops for emerging entrepreneurs to gain detailed insights about the investment process covering everything from better understanding their business, to valuations, to approaching an investor and post investment challenges. Crafted as intense day-long sessions, these workshops are delivered to small groups of entrepreneurs to allow for deeper interaction, and tailored answers to the specific challenges you may face in raising debt and equity.


The event will host CEOs/Founders of early stage ventures, enterprises who have raised Seed Funding or Series A, and entrepreneurial networks. The two featured workshops are structured around Debt Funding and Equity raising and are briefly summarized below:


Debt Funding Workshop

August 14, 2013 in Ahmedabad

The workshop is designed to help participants think beyond Equity and explore alternatives other than Angel Investments and Venture Funding while raising external capital! Meet experts to understand debt instruments such as venture debt and loans, calculate working capital requirements, and understand repayment options. Click here for a full list of speakers and detailed agenda.


Equity Raising Workshop

August 24, 2013 in Jaipur                                                 

The capital raising workshop will help entrepreneurs build their understanding of the amount of capital required, understand valuations and how to approach an investor, the due diligence process, post investment challenges, and exit options. Click here for a full list of speakers and detailed agenda.


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