E-Prescription Application Named Top Winner at Social Innovation Camp for Health in the Philippines

ACCESS Health International is one of CHMI's partners and organizes the Social Innovation Camp for Health in the Philippines.

The Social Innovation Camp for Health awarded PinoyRx, an e-prescription application, as the Top Winner and Sankalusugan as the runner-up during the Camps’ final pitching and awarding on November 17 at UP-Ayala Land TechnoHub in Quezon City, Philippines.

The six teams did an amazing job in bringing their ideas forward with the help of mentors from a variety of sectors, including health, social enterprise, insurance and business. After just 48 hours, the teams were able to come up with a prototpye.

PinoyRx is a cloud-based SaaS web and mobile application that will minimize medication errors and provide understandable electronic prescriptions, avoiding confusion from patients and pharmacists. It generates, transmitts and files applications for medical prescriptions, including information about the prescriber, transaction hub and pharmacy using implemented prescribing software and Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM). E-prescriptions are already being used in the US, Europe, Canada, India and Singapore. It is indeed, high time for the Philippines to embrace this innovation.

The runner-up, Sankalusugan, aims to provide a health facilities’ guide within the Phillippines; the guide recommends health centers based on proximity or preference of the user. The application also offers a feature that utilizes the SMS capabilities of the phone to locate a hospital or the user in the absence of the internet.

PinoRx and Sankalusugan have been invited to join Asia’s Regional Social Innovation Camp in Singapore from November 28 to December 1, 2013, where the winners from eight cities in Asia will come together to showcase their innovative solutions to social problems.

Among the winners, this year's Regional Social Innovation Camp showcases four healthcare ideas, addressing disaster relief issues and human resources:

  • AquaBuddy – a mobile app comes with a testing kit which collects, records and disseminates information on water potability.
      • Medical Encoded Data and Integrated Code (MEDIC) – a QR code for your personal health information, making access to personalhealth records easy and convenient pre and post disaster.
      • MediFund - a crowd funding platform which supports medical students who are struggling to pay their school expenses.
      • National Active Response Surveillance of Suspected Diseases (NARSS) – an app that prompts early response oflocal healthauthorities and provides information to citizens on suspected disease brought by disasters.

      Social Innovation Camp brings together software developers and designers with people who understand social problems to help build web and mobile solutions to address social challenges.

      ACCESS Health’s next step is to nurture and work with these teams of innovators to move their ideas forward into a business enterprise. ACCESS Health’s objective is to see them succeed and eventually contribute to the improvement of Filipinos’ access to better healthcare services, wherever they are.