Financial Sustainability - A conversation on sustainability frameworks, strategies, and lessons learned

On Tuesday, March 22, the University of California at San Francisco's Global Health Group hosted a webinar on financial sustainbility in healthcare programs.

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The Topic:
Improving the way private healthcare providers deliver essential healthcare services to those that need them most is a critical endeavor. In 35 countries, NGOs have applied social franchising principles to achieve this aim.

In the pursuit of sustained programming and impact, many franchises are working to further integrate themselves within local markets and/or public health infrastructures. Within this webinar, we present case studies on how two franchises defined and applied sustainability frameworks, and what lessons they learned along the way. We also present highlights from an ongoing assessment of current sustainability strategies of franchises in Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda, and the prospective sustainability strategies that are under consideration.

About the speakers:
Mr. Juan Carlos Negrette has more than 25 years of international experience in health programs design, implementation and management. He has successfully directed health service delivery programs, including the Smiling Sun social franchise in Bangladesh, and commercial healthcare activities. He has also structured and developed productive partnerships of strategic importance with relevant private sector companies and government entities, resulting in tangible improvement of the health and social conditions of communities and populations served.

Ms. Nancy Swanson is the executive director of the Linked Foundation, a private foundation that invests in market-based solutions that improve the health and economic self-reliance of women and their families in Latin America. One of Linked's 2005 founding team members, her responsibilities include strategic direction and management of the portfolio.

In 2009, the Linked Foundation invested in and supported the transformation of the Tiendas de la Salud (TISA) pharmaceutical franchise in Guatemala. In 2014, the model was adapted, and is currently being piloted in Puebla, Mexico.

For more information on the Linked Foundation, please visit the website

Dr. Nathan Blanchet is a Program Director at the Results for Development Institute (R4D) where he provides leadership on R4D's health systems reform portfolio, including the design and implementation of national health insurance in South Africa and Ghana, and the USAID-funded Health Finance and Governance project. Since 2014, Dr. Blanchet's team at R4D has been partnering with PSI to analyze options for the financial sustainability of PSI and affiliate social franchise networks in a number of countries. This work supports a broader agenda to reduce donor dependence and improve coordination between the public and private sectors to enhance access to family planning services in low- and middle-income countries.