The GlobalGiving Open Challenge has begun!

The [GlobalGiving Open Challenge]( is well under way and at least seven programs profiled in the CHMI database have entered the competition. The contest, which ends April 30th, gives entrants a chance at a permanent spot on the fundraising website and the CHMI programs are making a splash. Participants must raise at least $4000 through at least 50 individual donors to earn their places.

**Maternal and Child Health Programs**

[Global Health Bridge](, a technology-based maternal and child health program, has already secured a spot on [GlobalGiving](, raising almost $7,000 through 123 donors, but there are still bonus prizes that they can win. The organization is currently in 1st place in terms of numbers of individual donors, but 3rd for actual money donated. Help them out by visiting their [Facebook page]( and learning more or donating through GlobalGiving.

At the half way mark in terms of both money donated and individual donors, [D-Tree International]( is holding strong. Their program works to increase safe births and reduce maternal and child mortality through the use of technology. D-Tree founder Marc Mitchell [expands upon the potential of the clinical decision support software (CDSS) his program uses]( “CDSS is not just a passing fad and we’re only at the edge of the frontier. It is a very important and potentially very disruptive technology (in a positive way) and I think that if we are a little bit patient and willing to really see how this plays out, we’re going to see some amazing things happen.” Given the chance for a permanent spot on GlobalGiving, these amazing changes could take place sooner than we think.

Following closely behind D-Tree is [Aarohi](, a project also aiming to reduce infant and maternal mortality, but through the training of health workers rather than technology. This innovative program has identified the main components of infant and maternal mortality and created solutions to these issues. Learn more about the program by reading their [case study]( and help them win a permanent position on the GlobalGiving site.

**Non Communicable Diseases**

Global Health Bridge certainly isn’t the only CHMI program climbing to the top of the ladder in this competition. [Yayasan Rumah Rachel (Rachel House)]( is hot on their tail in terms of money raised. Ranked fourth overall, the organization only needs five more individual donors to secure a permanent spot on GlobalGiving and become eligible for those elusive bonus prizes. Learn more about Rachel House through the visiting its profile page or reading its [case study]( located under the [analysis section](

[World Health Partners]( is working hard to reach donors through this competition. They hope to raise money to create sidecar ambulances, attached to motorcycles, to navigate the rural terrain of India. These franchised vehicles would be similar to the already existing SkyHealth Telemedicine Centers franchises. Raising money for this project over the next few weeks is key to enhancing the services and creating more comprehensive care for the already existing World Health Partners programs.

The [Happy Health Insurance Scheme Clinic]( is looking for a strong start within the final two weeks of the competition. The organization has created a local clinic and health insurance scheme for a village in Uganda and is looking to make upgrades in their infrastructure in order to improve the services they offer. To help them reach their goal, learn more about their challenge and donate on their [GlobalGiving page](

**Reproductive Health**

[Marie Stopes International]( is working hard to gain notice in the contest with their program to bring sexual education and awareness to factory workers in Vietnam. Enhancing funding for this program could have incredible impacts on the area, so share the information from their Facebook page and find out more about the program through their profiles on both the CHMI database and the [GlobalGiving challenge page](

There are still 18 days left in the competition, leaving a lot of room for movement up the ladder. All of these innovative programs deserve a spot on the GlobalGiving site, so take some time to learn, donate and spread the word about each one.