Grantees Selected for Informal Provider Study

CHMI is pleased to announce the **awarding of several research grants** for a study on the dynamics of the informal provider market for health in Bangladesh, India and Nigeria. The goal of these individual studies will be to inform a set of recommendations for policymakers and practitioners about the potential opportunities to leverage informal providers for better health and mitigate the challenges that they present. _See the original post about the CHMI-sponsored study [here](

We received a number of great submissions for this study, and the decision-making process was a difficult one. Therefore, join us in congratulating the following grantees:

* **Bangladesh:** _“The role of drug sellers in the informal medical markets: an exploratory study for effective interventions”_ _**Grantee:**_ Nabeel Ashraf Ali, Shams El Arifeen, and colleagues, International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR,B); James P Grant School of Public Health-BRAC University; Institute of Development Studies; Bloomberg School of Public Health-John Hopkins University
* **India:** _”A study to inform integration of informal rural health providers into the formal health system in India.”_ _**Grantee:**_ Dr. Meenakshi Gautham, Garhwal Community Development and Welfare Society (GCDWS); Centre for Research in New International Economic Order (CRENIEO)
* **Nigeria:** _“A Study of the Role of Patent Medicine Vendors (PMVs) in the Informal Anti-malarial Market in Nigeria.”_ _**Grantee:**_ Professor Oladimeji Oladepo, Faculty of Public Health-College of Medicine, University of Ibadan; Institute of Development Studies

We eagerly look forward to watching these studies get under way and seeing the findings, lessons, and recommendations that emerge from this work.