Implementer Perspectives: Building partnerships for multi-sectoral impact

*As part of our series on Implementer Perspectives, the CHMI team has been asking how this site is helping implementers and how it can be improved. Nguyen Manh Hung, who manages a program in the [East Meets West Foundation]( portfolio, was kind enough to share with us his approach to serving disabled people in Vietnam.*

*How did you begin working in this field?*
I started working with disabled people about 10 years ago. My sister is disabled and I just work in her honor. It is very common to live with disabilities in Vietnam. What are the causes? There are plenty--for instance, traffic, and dioxin-related birth defects [a legacy of the use of Agent Orange to strip away jungle during the war]. We start by asking people what their needs are and what they expect of their lives.

*What is your favorite component of the [Support Network for People with Disabilities (SN-PWD)](*

We offer a wide range of services for the people in this network to meet their various needs, for instance medical treatments, economic hardship, mobility and access challenges, learning difficulties and social isolation. For instance we offer the option for people to have correction surgery (see [this success story]( We also match them with potential employers, like, [Pham Xuan Thuy]( who runs a garment factory where 2/3 of the employees are disabled.

One unique aspect is the partnerships we build with people like Mr. Pham, offering training and/or loans to expand businesses, and creating more employment opportunities for the local disabled population.

*Has the information collected by CHMI helped your organization so far?*

I search this site to know what people are doing in the world to help disabled populations. I also want to share what I am doing to show people about all the kinds of [partnerships]( we have, for example.

*Thanks for your time, Hung! Best of luck and we will hope to meet you soon in Vietnam.*