Implementer Perspectives: Looking for social investors

*We spoke to Girish Babu, a health business specialist working to implement the [CARE Rural Health Mission]( program in southern India, about his impression of the Center for Health Market Innovation (CHMI) and what he believes is his pilot program's most promising aspects.
Here are excerpts from our conversation, which we plan to continue when the Results for Development team travels to Hyderabad in October.*

*Why did you register with the Center for Health Market Innovations (CHMI)?*

We are looking for social investors for our comprehensive primary healthcare model with technology and a micro-insurance program. We connect available resources to resource deficient villages. The program can be linked in partnership with the government on primary health center referral and also the [RSBY]( scheme, which helps families pay for catastrophic care. So we are focusing on primary health care which deserves more focus and solution. The very high frequency and repetitive nature of expenditure often results in a continuous slow leakage of the household’s income. Most of the common ailments like fever, diarrhoae, headache, and upper respiratory infections can be successfully treated at the community level using technology and a trained health worker.

*What do you see as your program's most successful aspects?*

Technology reach to the last mile with mobile or hand-held devices. We select villages lacking access to healthcare, and villages that are in reach of mobile networks. From these villages health workers are selected who can read and write. We train them to work as an extension arm of the remote doctor. The unique aspects are that mHealth applications on devices capture information that can be used for regional health databases, indicators for utilization, per capita outpatient expenditures, and micro-insurance performance indicators. Our [4-Pillar model]( is the first of its kind to test a micro-insurance product only for "primary care" on a cashless facility basis through our health workers.

*What are your longterm goals for the project?*

In brief, to reach from 5 villages, 5 districts, 5 states, to 5 countries in a span of 5 years. Our broad vision is to enable affordable healthcare for the common man at his doorstep.