Jugaadathon: India’s first ever open healthcare hack-a-thon, Register now!

In India, the word “jugaad” is a local term frequently used for finding an innovative and rational solutions to a problem with limited resources. Indian business communities are experts in juggaad and it’s become a buzz word amongst social enterprises to find innovative solutions to developmental issues in limited resource settings.

Jugaadathon is India’s first ever open healthcare hack-a-thon, bringing together professionals and students from diverse backgrounds - coders, hobbyists, designers, health experts, clinicians and technology entrepreneurs from across India as well as representatives from Massachussetts Institute of Technology, Harvard Medical School and Massachussetts General Hospital. The event is to be held from 24-26 of January in Kolkata and will bring together more than 100 participants,  working together to discuss and address real world medical problems by developing new and innovative models that enables affordable healthcare.

The event focuses on three themes:  Emergency and Critical Care, Maternal and Child Health, and Mobile Health. The problem statements are intended to draw out broad contours of clinical challenges, and give the presenters enough scope to pursue one of multiple approaches to arrive at innovative solutions.

Jugaadathon is a great opportunity for programs to interact with technology experts and to also present their own innovations and seek support for scale!

Registration for the event is free and all are welcome to join! Learn more about the event here