Launch of the 2014-2015 CHMI Regional Partner Network!

The Center for Health Market Innovations is thrilled to announce another year of the CHMI Regional Partner Network!

The CHMI partner network works to identify innovative programs, analyze trends, and connect programs to external stakeholders that can help them improve, replicate and scale-up their models. Operating with extensive knowledge of local healthcare markets, partners act as conveners and facilitators of key local and regional actors, ensuring that innovators are connected with policymakers, funders, and global collaborators to maximize their impact. Acting as our ‘boots on the ground’, CHMI partners are poised to surface promising innovations and models in their countries and make a real improvement in health market systems worldwide.

Over the past four years, CHMI has worked with over twenty regional partners around the globe, with each bringing their unique expertise to this ever-growing network of prominent, domestic leaders committed to improving healthcare for the poor worldwide. They are critical components to our broad network, with active partners carrying out daily work on the ground, and former partners helping CHMI advise and guide this work through the CHMI Panel of Advisors, and playing an advisory role to the ongoing work in their countries and regions.

Please join CHMI in welcoming the members of the 2014-2015 Regional Partner Network!

CHMI East Africa: The African Capacity Alliance 

CHMI India: Access Health International and Swasti Health

CHMI Pakistan: Interactive Research and Development

CHMI Nigeria: Solina Health Limited

And join us in providing a special welcome to our newest partner, The Bertha Center for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, representing CHMI Southern Africa!

In the coming year, CHMI partners will be engaged in cutting-edge work in their countries and regions—from understanding how to replicate promising models to new geographies, to creating sustainable dialogue between innovators and policy makers—and will continue to promote CHMI as a go-to domestic resource on health market innovations. Partners will also engage with innovators on the ground and can act as a key local resource on how to build a profile and benefit from all of CHMI’s unique opportunities for program managers and researchers.

CHMI is continuously cultivating its regional partner network with the overall goal of making an impact on the health market eco-system in countries and regions around the world. Stay tuned to the CHMI blog as we highlight partners’ events and success stories.

Please note: CHMI is not accepting applications for new partners at the present time, but other opportunities for CHMI engagement are regularly posted on the CHMI blog as they become available.

For more information, including how to contact the CHMI partner in your region or country, please contact:Komal Bazaz Smith or Rachel Neill