Learning by doing: Lessons from African Health Markets for Equity

The Africa Health Markets for Equity (AHME) partnership is a $60 million investment by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the UK Department for International Development (UKaid) under the aegis of the Harnessing Non-State Sector for Better Health for the Poor (HANSHEP) programme, to increase the use of quality essential health services by poor people in Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana. AHME takes the novel approach of intervening on both the supply and demand side of the healthcare system, and integrating these into a single, well-coordinated programme.

AHME has identified five key characteristics all of which are necessary  and must be in place  for the market to deliver quality essential health services to the poor.

Now in its fourth year, Now in its fourth year of implementation, as the AHME partnership evolves, this is bearing encouraging results at a country level and important lessons as a whole. This snapshot series has been developed  to capture the breadth of innovative AHME activities being implemented , to add to the evidence base for advancing Universal Health Care.

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